Check point 10. Equal leg flex and leg shafts parallel.

These "check points" are all derived from the "Essentials of Skiing" and are either Essentials or important parts of Essentials. They serve as check points in your skiing, compare yourself to them with either video or photos for validation that you are on the right track with your skiing.

Check point 10. Equal leg flex and leg shafts parallel.

Postby h.harb » Sat Jan 18, 2014 12:01 pm

Are both legs bent the same amount, at some point in the transition and are the leg shafts parallel or at the same angle?

This to me is a really strong indicator of PMTS precision and a proper release therefore, one of the most important check points.
This check point requires you flex not just the stance leg, but the new entry leg, outside leg to initiate tipping.

Practice the "Power Release", exercise, (Essentials book and DVD) to get real flexing into your skiing.
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