Alignment video analysis for Bingster

Alignment video analysis for Bingster

Postby Bingster » Sun Jan 12, 2020 10:12 am

After over 7 years happily on a pair of boots from Harb Ski Shop, I have to change to a new pair of boots. I went to a local boot fitter who has very good feedback among my skiing buddies. The new boot I got is Lange RS 110 SC.

I took some videos on the same day I got the boots. In the videos I canted out and canted in with different degrees with the shims I got several years ago.

I know the best way to get boots right is to go to see a PMTS trained boot fitter. But I couldn’t find any PMTS trained boot fitters around the whole Toronto area. I hope somebody here can take a look and tell me how many degrees I should adjust my boots. If I need to take more videos, I can take more on the next weekend. Last night, Toronto and its north area just had over 20mm icy rains. It’s not safe to drive to ski resorts today.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Left 0 degrees

Left cant out 1 degree

Left cant out 2 degrees

Left cant in 1 dgree

Left cant in 2 degrees

Right 0 degrees

Right cant out 1 degree

Right cant out 2 degrees

Right cant out 3 degrees

Right cant in 1 degree

Skiing video with both left and right canted out 1 degree
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