Alignment Help

Alignment Help

Postby NothingClever » Thu Apr 11, 2019 12:49 am

Hi All - got the Alignment manual (along with books 1 & 2) and would appreciate extra set of eyes... Boots are Salomon X Max 130 Race (96mm last), no shell heating has been done to them so shell is stock. Have a relatively thin superfeet cork footbed. As I've got more into PMTS I've become much more aware of the foot sensations and my left ski has felt a little "off" compared to the right. Skiing, it feels better if I use 1 credit card strip (approx. 0.3 degrees) under the medial side/inside edge of the left boot, but when doing the ski test the uphill edge feels slightly weaker on a 1 foot traverse on the left boot. The photos/video below are with the shim in place.

I think remove the shim and ski test/indoor test again before trying something else. Based on what you see, open to suggestions for what to try/test next. And will also attempt to get skiing video shortly.

Footbeds are in shell. Left boot cuff looks a little strong I think. Right looks good. Note: the shim is under the left boot so cuff will probably be better aligned if I remove shim.

With Liners. Left looks a little strong again:

Slant board (I need to improve this setup... slightly slippery round chopping boards from the kitchen aren't the best!)

Video Moving (first time using board - I am now a believer!)
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