MA Request 4 A Michigan Skier

Re: MA Request 4 A Michigan Skier

Postby oggy » Mon Mar 22, 2021 11:03 am

Hi Ryan,

I got a giggle out of your video, it's fun to see someone passionate enough to go through the trouble of hiking up just to get some runs on perfect corduroy!

The skiing is looking much better to my eyes than the previous video and I mostly agree with your self-assessment. The turns are much rounder and the high-C is less rushed. To me it looks like the basic mechanics are now all in place, and it's primarily a matter of "more": more CB, more CA, more flexing. The one thing that does look missing to my eye is that you appear somewhat static in the low-C. Remember, you want to be moving at all times, either into the turn, or out of the turn. Whereas in most turns your angles seem to freeze at the fall line - and it's exactly there that you should actually crank the tipping up to get a strong reaction from the skis, popping and shooting across the hill. You'll see your free foot often showing a lower angle than the stance foot towards the end of the turn.

My experience is that I can only tighten the turn this way if I'm solidly balanced on my outside ski at the fall line (both laterally and fore-aft), and if I get to the fall line with tipping and flexion, and not pushing my skis out to the side. But tightening the turns also helps me enter the next turn with better balance, so it's a bit of a chicken and egg situation...
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Re: MA Request 4 A Michigan Skier

Postby RyanAllen » Tue Mar 23, 2021 11:20 am

You're right Oggy, and I am kicking myself because the movement you describe - increasing the tipping through the turn - was something I was working on earlier but had forgotten about. But I'm grateful you mentioned it!
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