MA for Nothing Clever

MA for Nothing Clever

Postby NothingClever » Sun Mar 03, 2019 11:39 pm

Finally making the plunge as it has taken a few years for the "obvious" messages you see repeated throughout the forum to sink in... video and slow drills! (I've got ACBAES2 book & video)

1. In hindsight I'll consider this more 'random' free skiing as it was the first drill i'd done on video in years... was doing pole tip drag to help keep the upper body still and helps me to not push at the end of turns.

2. First time trying slow 2 foot release on video

And then Max's checklist seems to work very nicely when reviewing slow skiing critically :-). From this video, the biggest thing that stood out to me is the lack of CA e.g. too much rotation. Have started emphasizing the inside hand forward and inside pole drag to keep the upper body downhill.

Is the stance width appropriate for the size of the skier? Can be a little narrower. Practice inside boot touch.
Does the release start by flexing the outside leg? Not enough. I also seem to 'hitch' the hips up-and-over at transition.
Does LTE tipping lead engagement to the new turn? Not really - very passive.
Are the feet pulled back at transition? Not enough.
Is the inside foot held back throughout the turn? Needs more.
Is there enough CB and CA and is the timing right? NO! Rotate completely in the second half of the turn. Doing the slow turn really caught me by surprise!
Is the pelvis included in the CB/CA movement? No, because of the rotation.
Strong inside arm? No. Need to get arms away from the body.
Is the inside leg flexed as the turn progresses? No. Static.
Does the outside leg extend naturally (no pushing) as the turn progresses? No. Looks like pushing/rotating too much and heel push.
Does LTE tipping of the inside foot continue throughout the turn? No. Feels/looks static.
Is the skier balanced over the outside ski? Sometimes. Need to work on 1-foot to emphasize this.
Is there a pole touch and how is the movement and timing? I think touch placement is too close to tip vs. down the hill, probably tied to the upper body rotation. Need to work on that then will have a better sense of timing.
[/b]Alignment - watch the skis and knees carefully - does anything look like it needs go be tipped in or out? I'm confused - sometimes i think i should be tipped in more (e.g. softer) then it would force me to tip more and improve CA/CB movements to compliment the tipping.

Any feedback welcome and i'll try to keep a consistent thread of progress going.
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Re: MA for Nothing Clever

Postby HeluvaSkier » Mon Mar 04, 2019 1:37 pm

Hi NC,

Good on you for posting video and giving yourself an honest evaluation of your current skiing. This is the first step in making real improvements. Judging from the video, and I'm sure you are aware of this already, CA is going to be the toughest Essential for you to improve... This is where I would start if it were me. Remove the rotation from your skiing, then revisit tipping. Work on angry mothers in addition to the inside pole/arm drill (there a good short video on the HSS website for this I think)... Also Schlopy turns work very well.

As for your boots, it is very hard to tell from the video angle, but the alignment does appear to be strong (as well as possibly the left cuff). If you don't fix the boots, you will struggle with your upper body, so if you're able to get to HSS or another HSS accredited fitter, I highly recommend it. Not only will you come away with a good setup, but you'll understand a lot more about your boot needs, which is invaluable information.
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Re: MA for Nothing Clever

Postby noobSkier » Mon Mar 04, 2019 2:16 pm

Im no authority on the TFR (just look at my MA thread :lol: ) but it seems like you are struggling with LTE tipping on your left foot. I have this problem on my right; If I focus hard on pulling it back it starts to work properly. Looking smooth in the first clip...I would just add a tad more LTE tipping IMO, but I think helluva is spot on with the CA.
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Re: MA for Nothing Clever

Postby go_large_or_go_home » Mon Mar 04, 2019 2:16 pm

Good first attempt. Remember, your ‘set up’ with each exercise is very important, especially with an advanced movement like the two footed release (TFR). Your have to be very deliberate..

For example, with the TFR, your starting position wants to exactly match how you want to finish the move, but a mirror your counter acting (CA), counter balancing (CB), pole position etc want to be set start, it might be easier doing the TFR garland, that way you can isolate your upper body.

Also, pick a very gentle slope - yiu have to be comfortable releasing your feet without leaning back up the slope. Remember, when carrying out these drills slowly and on gentle slopes, all your balancing deficiencies will be highlighted....

From what I can see, there is no tipping - especially with your turns to the left and once you pass the camera man, you start to extend you legs to release. This is probably one of the hardest movements to remove from your skiing as it forms the backbone to Non- pmts skiing...I will let one on the coaches give you advice on this. Note: anything other than a relaxation of the stance leg during the transition is considered the same as an other words, you need to flex...

Have a look at this video and take note how HH sets himself up for the TFR exercise....This is an advanced exercise. But the set up principle applies to almost all the exercises...


Start from the beginning of ACBAES1 - work through each exercise in order...some will be easy, others more difficult, but do not progress until each is mastered. Take your time and don’t rush the exercises...your patience will be rewarded...

Other reference videos of Diana carrying out the exercise you should emulate:

Bonus of HH

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Re: MA for Nothing Clever

Postby go_large_or_go_home » Mon Mar 04, 2019 2:40 pm

also, build a slantboard and work your way through the exercises. this will teach/ demonstrate to you how much of each PMTS Essentials you have to execute.

Dryland drills are invaluable. I always start my ski day off warming up with dryland drills like this:
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Re: MA for Nothing Clever

Postby Max_501 » Tue Mar 05, 2019 7:13 am

Look at the 3rd turn in the two footed release video. Notice how the skis end up on the BTE at the same time in a slight wedge. This shows that the super phantom movement pattern isn't ingrained in your skiing yet. IMO the easiest way to get there is by starting on page 1 of book 1.
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Re: MA for Nothing Clever

Postby RRT » Tue Mar 05, 2019 3:03 pm

A reoccurring theme here has us all owning something. Seemingly, we all like to jump ahead of ourselves with respect to displaying PMTS movements and posting video for MA. It is invariably demonstrated in all MA submissions and hard to avoid since we need and seek the critical feedback. But, how about some jumping backward instead? Say what?

Assuming your impulse is in not wanting to go to Book 1, page 1, but instead, your impulse is to go to Book 2, page 48 where the famous/infamous “Two-Footed Release” is directly addressed, something that is both challenging and yet highly motivating (or should be) for PMTS devotees. There, you will find Harald pictured doing the release with commentary. But, let’s say it’s not happening.

Toning it down, we notice that in Book 1, page 86, a presentation of the “Two footed release to full turn” is available, similar to that which Diana demonstrates in her video, “Stationary Release - The Key To Starting Parallel Turns” (provided earlier in this thread by go-large-or-go-home). So let’s say that’s not quite happening or maybe it is. Got video?

How about some good ole’ parallel garlands with the free foot on the snow (Book 1, page 80) or some shallow traverses to the phantom move beginning on page 72 and/or some forward sideslip to phantom move (page 66 - not quite back to page 1 but getting there). Anyway, never see that stuff from those posting video. Wouldn't that be where to start or some version thereof?
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Re: MA for Nothing Clever

Postby NothingClever » Tue Mar 05, 2019 3:16 pm

Absolutely agree... there's a tendency to think you're better than you are so we all seem to start with something too advanced... until you see it on video AND compare it to the "correct" video. And it's now really apparent when i actually see video trying the "simple" 2-foot release. So, I will make the commitment to post video of each drill (to quote) "starting at page 1 book 1" (as soon as i get off the site ordering the other books!).
Cheers, and thanks for the thoughtful responses!
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