First PMTS MA Video

First PMTS MA Video

Postby RyanAllen » Thu Feb 21, 2019 8:54 am


Here are two video's where I'm seeking feedback. I am a "recovering" PSIA L2 skiing mostly in Michigan. Have read ACBAES 1 and half way through ACBAES 2. As a serious musician, I am a huge believer in "perfect practice makes perfect," and typically spend more time drilling than free skiing. Also highly critical of myself.

First video - phantom moves. What I am working on: improved balance on stance ski, demonstrable tipping of free boot & ski, trying to stay on LTE of stance ski prior to transition, even linger on LTE of stance ski, and avoid extension moves. I would not rate myself highly on these cues. One known issue is alignment. I am flat footed (functional though) and have moderate amount of knock knee posture. My right leg balance is worse than left. In this video my boots are setup with additional lift on the BTE of my boot boards, and the cuff adjusters are tipped outward. Following my self review of the video, I changed the cuff canting to align with my calf's instead, upped the boot board shimming a bit, and remeasured my knee COM vs boot center. Also added about 1.5 degrees of BTE shim under my bindings. Seems to have improved stance ski balance when performing more phantom move practice the next day. I plan to attend a HSS camp, hopefully next year, and also see the HSS shop about my boots (Head Raptor RS 120's). Have done boot planing before, but not on these boots. I also spend time consistently working on dry land - slant board tipping, floor tipping with mirror, and one foot balance on a bosu ball while phantom moving my free foot.

Second video - squeezing a sponge. As described in ACBAES 2, I am working on relaxing the stance foot, tipping it to the LTE, and pulling the free foot back and against my stance foot. I drop the sponge twice. It appears to happen because my free foot moves ahead - not pulling it back and squeezing. This is hard, but I love the immediate feedback, and is the only thing I've done that even remotely resembles PMTS, however briefly. I also like that I have to pull the old stance foot against the uphill free foot early to not drop the sponge. I think this will help me mitigate an old habit of rotating the stance ski, even pushing / skidding it.

Your feedback would be appreciated. Please use Harald speak if possible. I am used to his manner of communication having read and watched a lot of his work. Apologies for the quality - I will work on that. I am skiing the next two days and will be doing much more work. Hopefully in a week or two some additional video MA might show some progress. Skis are Dynastar Course SL 155's. I like them a lot. Pardon the race gear. I help with HS racers and get in the gates when I can. Look me up if you're ever in Michigan.
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Re: First PMTS MA Video

Postby Max_501 » Thu Feb 21, 2019 9:06 am

Looks like you are on the right path. Do some CA exercises because your upper body is rotating into the turn.

I'd suggest more work on inside foot management. The sponge exercise you are doing is a good exercise for that and here's a detailed discussion with ideas for working with a sponge: Feet together to learn tipping.

I'd also suggest having someone help you with the pole press drill (from Book 2) to learn how much muscular effort is needed to hold the free foot against the stance foot.

You might try lifting the tip first as discussed in this thread: New stuff from PMTS, refined stuff from PMTS!

Work towards mastering the Super Phantom with Touch-tilt exercise:

As in a regular super phantom, transfer balance to LTE of the uphill ski. Then, touch the inside edge of the lifted, downhill ski to the inside ankle rivet of the stance boot ("inside foot arch touches outside foot ankle"). Keep it touching while tipping the free foot further toward its LTE. Don't let that free ski touch the snow until the very end of the turn. VERY IMPORTANT STEP! At the end of the turn, when the free foot touches the snow on its LTE, immediately pick up the new free foot, and touch-tilt the new stance boot.

When learning, you can begin with keeping the tip of the free ski on the snow, but the goal is to keep the whole ski lifted throughout the turn which is a true test of your ability to balance on the outside ski.
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Re: First PMTS MA Video

Postby noobSkier » Thu Feb 21, 2019 1:28 pm

Nice emphasis on the o-frame in the first clip, listen to Max_501 and keep it up!
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