Surefoot Foam Injection liners??

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Surefoot Foam Injection liners??

Postby B.Mulligan » Sat Dec 14, 2019 8:52 am

Anyone have any experience or thoughtful knowledge on the Surefoot foam injection liners??

My feet/ ankles/ calves are so mismatched that I think I need some sort technical remedy to really get a matching tight fit for both boots, and I'm wondering if foam injection liners are the way to go.

If there are other foam liners to consider, I'm open to any suggestions.
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Re: Surefoot Foam Injection liners??

Postby jbotti » Sat Dec 14, 2019 9:26 am

Many who post here on the forum have skied or are still skiing foam liners. I skied Nordica foam liners for years and they were great and with a correctly fitted shell you will have a glove like fit. If your shells are too big don't expect miracles. The foam will take up space but nothing cures a shell that is too large. I switched to the Intuition Pro Tongue a few years ago and I like them better. But Max is still skiing his Nordica foam liners that are easily 12+ years old. That is the other great thing about foam liners, they last forever (or close or at least the old ones did).

For environmental reasons different chemicals are now being used in foam liners. HSS does not carry them anymore because they don't like the new foam. I have no first hand experience with the new foam. I have heard many say that its still solid but not as good as the old ones.

Great aftermarket liners make a big difference but the most important thing is a shell that fits! If you have more than 1.5-2 cm behind the heel when you do a shell check, your boots are too big and nothing but a correctly sized shell will fix that.

BTW everything you mention about mismatched ankles and calves can be solved with a good bootfitter and a boot that is sized correctly for the smallest of these. My two feet are very different. We go with a shell that is too small for the protrusions and punch and grind till I'm pain free with a glove like fit.
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