Hintertux session 1 & 2 - Final Details

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Hintertux session 1 & 2 - Final Details

Postby Diana Rogers » Sun Feb 16, 2014 12:14 pm

Hello Hintertux campers,

Here’s important information for camp. Please read all the way to the end of the post - it’s long.


We will be skiing on a high-elevation glacier at Hintertux. You need to be prepared for weather ranging from warm (+10C/+50F) and sunny, to cold (-15C/5F) and snowing, even in April. Dress in layers so that you can remove or add clothing to adapt to changing weather.

There are no water fountains at the cafeteria/lodge, and the bottled water that they sell comes in glass bottles. We recommend that you bring a refillable water bottle or hydration backpack with you. You can fill it at the hotel in order to have drinking water on the hill (this is especially important on warm days.)

You may want to bring a backpack to carry (or to leave at the base of the upper lifts) to store water or extra clothing.

Ski Equipment
    Backpack (for daily items)
    Sunscreen (SPF 30 minimum)
    Water bottle

Ski Clothing
    Warm-up pants
    Neck gaiter/scarf
    Long underwear
    Fleece or wool sweaters
    Ski socks

Other Clothing
Casual dress is appropriate for the hotel. Bring clothes for warm and cool weather - shorts and sweaters!

Travel documents
    Airplane ticket
    Visa if required

    Extra digital media
    Table tennis paddle, hiking boots

    Prescription medicine if needed (or if potentially needed)
    Extra contact lenses
    Investigate your health insurance policy for overseas travel; bring needed documentation
    Common allergy or cold remedies (just in case)

Renting Skis
If you prefer not to bring your own skis, there are several ski shops within easy walk of the hotel with good-quality, well-tuned rental skis. Some of the shops are on the mountain and will store your skis each evening – very handy! You can book online and reserve the skis that you want before arriving.
You can select your preferred display language on the top right of the page.
If you aren’t sure which skis to rent, we recommend these models...
Category: 4 Stars / Head Rev 80 PER
Category: 5 Stars / Head Supershape iMagnum SW & Head iSupershape Speed SW
You should plan to pick up the skis at either the “Talstation (Valley)” or “Sommerbergalm (Summer Mountain Shop)”.

Travel information
Info on the Munich airport and booking the airport transfer shuttle is coming separately, in early March.

Happy Feet:
If you are travelling a long distance to camp (driving, flying, or both) we highly recommend that you wear compression socks for the journey and for your first day or two at camp. Travelling often leads to swelling of the feet, creating a lot of discomfort for the first few days in your ski boots. You can wear compression hose or special compression ski socks. If you can’t find them near you, you can order them from us on our web store...
http://harbskisystems.com/index.php?opt ... Itemid=103

If you are bringing a smartphone, investigate your data plan to make sure that you won’t be charged a shocking amount for any data that is downloaded (such as automatically checking e-mail, etc.) while you’re in Austria. Or, know how to turn off that feature.

Parking at Hotel
We have several campers arriving by automobile. The hotel has off-street parking in two of their own parking lots. They do not have garage or underground parking. We’ve had numerous campers with their own cars in past years, with no problems.

Alignment Pre-Day Sessions
Once we are all at the hotel on Saturday, we will schedule individual alignment session times for Saturday afternoon and Sunday. The alignment assessment is included in the camp charge. If you decide to get footbeds, they cost $US225. If alignment is suggested, we will install temporary shims on your boots to test during the first days of camp. If you decide that you’d like to have boot sole plates permanently installed, we will be able to do so while at camp. Boot sole plates costs $US150, installed. The footbed and/or sole plate charges may be paid in cash, or we can add them to your camp bill and charge them on a credit card.

Lift tickets for extended stay
Quite a few campers are coming early and/or staying late. If you are planning to ski the extra days, then it is cheaper to buy your own multi-day lift pass that will cover the camp as well as the extra days. Find ticket prices here for the number of days (select your display language on the top right menu)...
http://www.hintertuxergletscher.at/de/t ... inter.html

If you do this, we will deduct our 5-day ticket price from your camp charge (slightly less than the 5-day rate of 193 Euros; exact amount to be determined at camp). If you know that you will be doing this, please tell us ahead of time.

Cash/Payment information
We will be charging your credit card for the full amount, less any deposit you have paid, at the end of camp. If you are sharing a double room, the charge is €1975 (per person); if you are in a single room, the charge is €2095. If you are arriving on Saturday, instead of Sunday, before your session, the charge is €125 more (single) / €105 more (double, per person). [The actual charge will be in $US, at the exchange rate on the last day of camp.]

If you are arriving earlier than the weekend before camp, or staying later than the Saturday after your session, then you will pay the hotel directly for those additional days.

We will be paying your hotel bill for lodging, breakfasts, and dinners. As well, we provide the lift tickets for the days of camp (Monday to Friday).

You will need to pay the hotel for beverages (including bottled water and any alcoholic drinks), any lunches you have there (days prior to camp), and any phone calls. (Breakfast includes juice and coffee or tea.) They accept Visa and travelers checks. For our US campers: note that phone calls are relatively expensive in Europe. If you will need to make long or numerous calls while at the hotel, definitely use a calling card or make sure that you have a calling plan on your cell phone.

You will need cash to pay for lunch on the mountain each day. Austria uses Euros as currency. If you want to buy small items at local stores, cash is also needed. Many locations will not take credit cards. There are several ways to get cash…
    Exchange money at your airport of departure
    Exchange money at the Munich airport
    Exchange money (cash or travelers check) at the post office in Hintertux (not available on the weekend).
    Exchange money (cash in “usual” denominations, like $US20 or $US50) at an automatic money switcher.
    Withdraw Euros from an ATM machine, using a VISA-logoed credit or debit card (know your PIN).

You should plan on spending about €10-15 per day on lunch, and another €15-20 per day at the hotel should suffice.

If you are coming to the camp with a partner, you will be in a double room. If you are coming alone, you may get a single or a double room, depending on what the hotel has available. We will not be pairing you with another camper.

Internet access
The hotel has in-room WiFi service. You need to get a code from the hotel’s front desk.

[End of post]
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Re: Hintertux session 1 & 2 - Final Details

Postby rbforan » Sun Feb 16, 2014 4:29 pm

Got it! Thank-you! I will likely be buying a six-day pass, but will let you know definitely in a subsequent call or post.

Our ski club had a trip to the 3 Valleys in France (with 3 days in Paris after the week of skiing) at the end of January, and we are off to Whistler-Blackcomb for the first week of March. Please tell Chris that "Dorothy" did her best to keep "her" feet together, and my helmet camera (an unsolicited Christmas present) can prove that "she" largely succeeded!

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Hintertux!

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