Bye Bye Lindsey!!

Bye Bye Lindsey!!

Postby jbotti » Sun Feb 10, 2019 4:22 pm

We should celebrate at least for a moment the amazing competitor that she was. For years it maybe it looked too easy as she won so regularly and beat everyone handily. But the injuries changed all that. And that she was able to come back and win and at times almost dominate again with a body that was permanently damaged was truly amazing. Then more injuries. Most were holding their breathe today when she pushed out of the gate for the last time, fearful that with so damaged a body that a worse crash than what occurred in the SG might happen. And she goes out and takes bronze!!

In the same weekend we see Aksel Lund and Lindsey medal in their last races. It may be many years before we see skiers with this kind of ability to fight through injuries and setbacks and continue to ski with such amazing courage and passion. The sport is littered with champions that never win again, never even get close to winning after serious injury.

Truly a great weekend of ski racing!!
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Re: Bye Bye Lindsey!!

Postby h.harb » Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:07 pm

One name, Marc Girardelli. He raced for Luxemburg but he's Austrian from the Alberg region. 5-time overall champion, two championships after he tore up a knee so bad that Dr. Richard Steadman said he had never seen anything so bad. Marc is a friend and a great guy.
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