LTE tipping and ankle feel

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Re: LTE tipping and ankle feel

Postby noobSkier » Tue Dec 11, 2018 9:44 am

Max_501 wrote:
noobSkier wrote:So I bought a nice pair of new B3 shells to go with new liners. Problem is, I fear the new shells might be too small...maybe 1/8" of space between the heel and the shell.

Did you test with a footbed in shell?

The 1/8" is an estimate from how my footbed sits in the shell. I can't physically get my bare foot in the shell untill they are widened at the 5th metatarsal. It was the same story with my current B3's. I know the only way to truly know is to get your foot in, but in my case that requires work which would make the boot unreturnable and unsellable.
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