CA and leg fatigue

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CA and leg fatigue

Postby noobSkier » Tue Nov 20, 2018 10:58 am

Last season I was struggling with leg fatigue, especially in the short turns. CA was identified as one of the main issues in my skiing last year, but I always assumed the leg fatigue was more related to fore-aft. I've been attacking CA+tipping with a vengeance and yesterday something just clicked and the leg fatigue essentially disappeared (video confirmation coming soon). It got me thinking, how was this possible? I think it comes down to what HH has been preaching all along: Skeletal support. Without CA and internal femoral rotation, the stance leg is mechanically weak. I was trying to hold the stance leg in position throughout the arc with muscular effort; burning out my quads in the process. Even with crazy muscular endurance (which you develop skiing this way), you still get a bad turn because it's just not possible to bend the ski sufficiently with a weak/unstable leg. If theres no ski bending, theres no rebound from which to flex...forcing to skier to push off (another identified issue in my skiing). So CA has taken on a new meaning for me: a skeletal position which transfers the turning forces into the hip joint. To summarize the moral of the story with Max_501's slogan; PMTS: Just do it.
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