PMTS and Ultimate Skiing

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PMTS and Ultimate Skiing

Postby Jjmdane » Thu Apr 21, 2022 7:27 am

I realize that the late Ron LeMaster was not held in high regard on this site, but as I was casually perusing Ultimate Skiing I am curious as to why conceptually he is held in such disregard. I am certainly heavily biased toward PMTS, and while I coach and instruct in a PSIA ski school, I do not put forth PSIA dogma. The chapter on Lateral Balance seemed particularly germane to PMTS philosophy. I may be missing something but it seems he is not at odds with much of PMTS. What am I missing?
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Re: PMTS and Ultimate Skiing

Postby ToddW » Fri Apr 22, 2022 3:00 am

Look at the non-WC demo skiers in that book’s photos, especially the cringeworthy ones in the first edition under the original title. If you ever saw his skiing, reflect on the author’s skiing. Now think of a PMTS demo skier — any of the Top HSS coaches. The books reflect this radical difference in outcome. If you ever saw a seminar by L and you have personally skied in balance before, you’d realize pretty quickly that L had no idea what it means to ski in balance.

I’m sitting in the Munich airport waiting for a shuttle to Hintertux. I travelled all this way to learn from someone who doesn’t ski like Ultimate Skiing. Immersion courses are often the best way to learn a new language. For coaches with some conventional background, total immersion is the most likely way to understand PMTS. Don’t translate into your old lexicon one concept or phrase at a time. Live it with no TTS mental intrusions for a good while. Once you do, you’ll know what can be translated and what concepts are essentially unspeakable in either TTS or PMTS.
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