"Tip and lock"

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"Tip and lock"

Postby precisionchiro » Mon Feb 10, 2020 8:49 am

Has anyone else... particularly you racers and race coaches... heard this phrase? Or "Tip, lock, boot?"

Virtually all the other race coaches at my place love using this phrase. I'm curious if this is something coming from PSIA/USSA, or just a buzz phrase used on this coaching staff.

I've asked several of the coaches what it means, what they're teaching the kids when they refer to it. Of course I get different answers from all of them (which just further confirms to me what I already knew... most coaches don't even understand what they're saying or teaching and just bullshitting their way through coaching).

But the vague consensus seems to refer to turn initiation, where you tip the outside boot (to the BTE) then shove your shin forward and medial toward the BTE to "lock" yourself onto the cuff. So naturally, I ask what that's supposed to do. And naturally, I'm told it's to get your weight forward and drive the ski through the turn. And sometimes, I'm told that this is what should happen after you swing the pole toward the ski tips to move your hips up and forward at the top of the turn. Blah blah blah.... :roll:

And as soon as I start talking and asking about movements of the foot and ankle inside the boot, and how easy it is to see and understand how simply shoving the cuff around with the knees and hips disrupts balance and tipping, most coaches instantaneously reject even thinking or considering something that goes against "Tip and lock" philosophy.

It still surprises me (I guess it shouldn't, but it always does) how closed-minded and dogmatic most coaches are. Because every time I get Socratic and simply ask some questions, or even gently point out some flaws or questionable effectiveness of what they do and teach, (either verbally, or demonstrating on snow) they seem to hold on tighter to the dogma and become willing to defend it to the death. As soon as I suggest something even slightly different or contrary to what they already believe, I watch their facial expressions and body language closely. And I don't see their brains taking in information to analyze and digest it before coming to a conclusion... I see their brains immediately throw up walls and barriers to ANYTHING new, before even thinking about it at all!
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Re: "Tip and lock"

Postby Max_501 » Mon Feb 10, 2020 9:12 am

Please post in the appropriate area. This is the Primary Movement Teaching System forum and all posts should be directly related to PMTS. We have the Social Chatting forum for non-PMTS discussions.
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Re: "Tip and lock"

Postby HeluvaSkier » Mon Feb 10, 2020 9:36 am

Moved this thread to the appropriate forum.
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