New Dutch member wants to start with pmts

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New Dutch member wants to start with pmts

Postby Bobski » Sat Feb 08, 2020 12:29 pm

Hi folks,

I am new to this forum. So it would be nice to introduce my self. Started to ski at an age of 33 ,now i am 41 ,only 8 weeks experience in the snow(late bloomer). I want to start with pmts because i want more control and a more confidential feeling when i ski the slopes. Now i am skiing and rushing with some friends each ski holiday but without proper technique and not much control and it doesn't feel good. So in the end i hope i can enjoy skiing more and more.

A few months ago took a couple of lessons at Portes du Ski by Jasper(former camp coach) and Guus. And last year i joined their ski week in Portes du Soleil. Nice holiday it was.

Before all this i was searching on the internet for some good online video lessons to improve my skiing. That's how i came in to contact with PMTS. Interesting stuff to use your inside ski to initiate a nice turn.

Unfortenately the skischool Portes du Ski is too far from home. So i want to start with teaching my self. I read the post for beginners of Max501. So i think i have to start with the beginning and that is to read ACBAES1 and workout the drills. Luckily i have an inside skislope that is available in the neighbourhood. I also made a slant board.

I was wondering if there are any other dutchies on the forum here to exchange some tips/experiences? Or any other tips from other members to make a good start with pmts are appreciated.

Regards, Bobski
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