Berger, McGlashan & Lorenz ski video

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Re: Berger, McGlashan & Lorenz ski video

Postby HighAngles » Thu Mar 04, 2021 5:08 pm

Marc wrote:
Is there a PMTS equivalent in the golf world out of interest?

Stack & Tilt

"Stack and Tilt: The Most Misunderstood Swing in Golf"

I would have to agree that S&T is probably about the closest thing to PMTS you will find in the golf world. RST is another possibility, although Chuck Quinton is a really divisive figure in the golf instruction world.

The world of golf instruction has many similarities to the problems with instruction in the skiing world. When I first started playing about 7 years ago I asked "CO Steve" if there was anything like PMTS instruction in the golf world, but the answer unfortunately was no.
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Re: Berger, McGlashan & Lorenz ski video

Postby Marc » Fri Mar 05, 2021 11:14 am

RST looks interesting! But while searching for more detailed information this came up: According to a 2020 lawsuit Chuck Quinton "borrowed" his ideas for RST from Alison Thietje.

Alison works together with Eric Kaplan at Axys golf.
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Re: Berger, McGlashan & Lorenz ski video

Postby HighAngles » Sat Mar 06, 2021 8:32 am

HeluvaSkier wrote:
dougtee wrote:hadnt seen benni walch before but like what i am seeing. it seems a bit more sustainable if that makes sense? maybe thats just me being a bit more skeptical of reilly's skiing since it has basically already wrecked his body.

I think both are fantastic examples of short turns using the same fundamentals we talk about in PMTS. I suspect either one of them could demonstrate the other's turns if prompted. I don't think one version has more or less impact on the body, rather it is likely that the combination of high volume and high intensity is simply not sustainable. Of course I'm not privy to any details of Reilly's specific situation and wouldn't share the details if I were. I just hope to see him back at his best as I love watching his skiing. Based on the few conversations I've been fortunate enough to have with him over the years, I have no doubt that he will do everything that he can in order to learn about and fix whatever his limitations are.

Keep in mind that not all 'pros' you see on YouTube are out instructing/coaching every day... Many do occasional camps or clinics while also running ski schools and taking the infrequent private lesson. Some barely instruct at all anymore. Reilly on the other hand, does it all, while logging both northern and southern hemisphere seasons and has done-so for nearly two decades as far as I'm aware. Skiing at, or even close to, his level beats the living sh*t out of the body. Its hard to even describe the level of total-body fatigue it causes. Suffice to say that no amount of training or fitness can replace allowing the body to rest and recover (and guys like Reilly are absolutely ripped). Not only is it a hard way to make a living, but staying at his level for years upon years, is exhausting.

Look no further than Harald to see how hard this business is on the body, and he is also in fantastic shape, has taken care of his body for decades, come back from major injuries, and remained a world class skier. It would be easy for someone like HH to get fat and lazy and simply trade on his name and accomplishments (many in the ski instruction world do exactly that), but he hasn't. I suspect Reilly is similarly wired.

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