Ski Club Vail Technical Statement

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Ski Club Vail Technical Statement

Postby Zermatt » Thu Mar 21, 2019 2:29 pm

I am new to PMTS. A lot of great content on this site. What is contradicting PMTS is the Ski Club Vail technical statement
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Re: Ski Club Vail Technical Statement

Postby ToddW » Thu Mar 21, 2019 4:56 pm

I skimmed that document. It doesn't seem to say anything about 1) how to ski, 2) how to do MA, or 3) how to improve a skier.

It talks about knee and leg angulation and the ski instructor's favorite empty phrase the calm upper body. That's backwards. Any manifesto on technical skiing should start with the feet and the ankles. Technical skiing happens from the ground up ... feet first. Feet and ankles are only mentioned as positional reference points for upper body pats and in reference to stance width. Upper body parts are mentioned many times in the document :( Good skiers' (Hirscher, Shiffrin) upper bodies are anything but calm; they make intense efforts to move the upper body which result in the false illusion of the calm upper body. And the authors waste ink on descriptions of the CM's movement which is useless for coaching and learning.

@Moderators this thread probably belongs in the social chatting forum instead of this one since it's a question about the ski club's views and not about PMTS per se.
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Re: Ski Club Vail Technical Statement

Postby Vailsteve » Fri Mar 22, 2019 5:38 am

Since I work at Vail and I see a LOT of ski club vail skiers and instructors on the mountain, I can attest that they are NOT PMTS skiers. The teaching mantra is right out of the PSIA teaching handbook.

Here are just a few things I see as missing:

1. No mention of a release. In PMTS terms, that is tipping to the LTE to release the big toe edge. In their skiing everything is big toe dominant. And you can see it on the race course. They can’t release the outside ski without a big up movement or steering effort.
2. No mention of the importance of the transition or the float.
3. There is no mention of foot pullback — or a subtle lift tip to help set the next turn. All they blather about is COM, COM, COM —without specifying HOW to get your center of mass down the hill.
4. No mention of counter. At all!! This surprises me. CA and CB are CRITICAL to high level skiing. Look at Hirscher...
5. No mention of early edge angles to create outside ski pressure. Their focus is on outside ski pressure, which is correct, but nowhere is mentioned how to GET more pressure on the outside ski. The answer of course is EARLY and MORE TIPPING. Duh. And pull your feet back!!
6. No mention of dynamic balance versus static balance. Over and over I hear “athletic stance” and XX/YY pressure on the inside/outside ski. Skiing is NOT a “stance”. Skiing is continuously shifting your balance over and on the outside ski. Just by lifting and tipping the damm inside ski to the LTE you are already skiing better than SKI Club Vail...

I am sure HH can add many more missing elements...I do find it frustrating at times that PMTS is not embraced. It is so straightforward versus the mumbo jumbo that PSIA uses.

But each to their own I guess...

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