Bode Miller Day at Cannon Mountain

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Bode Miller Day at Cannon Mountain

Postby Basil j » Mon Mar 26, 2018 7:45 am

I finally got the opportunity to attend the annual Bode Miller day that is held annually at Cannon mountain. From what I saw and heard over the weekend,I have to say, Bode Miller is a class act. Saturday was an open GS race, where Bode set the time. I watched him warm up on the profile run and he was hitting speeds that made me uncomfortable just watching him. His interaction with the kids was great and genuine.Always had a smile on his face and appeared to really enjoy the time with the kids. On Sunday, he took the winners from an auction that was for spending the day with him on the slopes . The couple of times we saw the group out on the mountain,he was very funny, very engaged and seemed to enjoy the endless picture taking and requests for ski tips from the group he was taking around the mountain. My wife commented that he looks like he has a "Kind Soul". All the monies taken in went to charities and all had a great time.
Great to see a superstar giving back in a selfless manner. I'm officially a fan.
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