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Postby apache67 » Fri Feb 02, 2018 7:17 pm

blackthorn wrote:For me, PMTS is the only coherent approach at every level. Helluva's attempt on the PU**KI forum to develop a rational exchange of views produced some glimmers but mainly nothing useful. ( Notwithstanding that I still peruse, and enjoy the site for other info ) I am totally convinced by PMTS, and debate re alternatives etc just seems to demonstrate confusion - ad hominem arguments, wrong analysis of their own proposed technical model , and a very seriously flawed analysis of PMTS. Although at times I might jump over something using extension, rotate when in a difficult situation etc I regard these largely as showing up limitations in my technique rather than dipping into a wonderful toolbox. In easy conditions one can do almost anything and make it "look good". In very difficult steep skiing pedal hop turns can be understood and done using PMTS fundamentals.

PU**KI is becoming EpicSki II. A lot of the same characters and BS. I bailed on it...
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