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Postby arothafel » Sat May 09, 2015 10:45 am

This is just crazy. Mammoth got 18" of the white stuff!

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Re: WTF...

Postby theorist » Sat May 09, 2015 1:04 pm

Yeah, the road to Main was under chain control! As a result of the snow they've extended the season for at least one more week (they were scheduled to close today).

I was up there yesterday, starting at 7:30 (they're on spring hours, 7:30 -1:30). Chairs 3 and 23 were on weather hold (visibility for 3, wind for 23), and the Gondola was closed this week for maintenance, but I had great fun skiing Wall and Glades (did a U-turn just as I got off chair 1 -- I asked the lift attendant if it was OK, and he said "if you know what you're doing"; I did it anyway). Surprisingly, I had that entire area nearly to myself for over an hour (fresh tracks every run!), until other people started to join in. There were a lot of rocks under the fresh snow, so you had to control your speed and assume you'd hit something every turn. With that in mind, it worked out fine. I was looking forward to skiing the top first thing today, but I pulled a muscle avoiding some trees toward the end of the day, so I'm resting in my condo. Sigh.

Oh, I was at the bottom of 1 when they shot the picture of the woman on the left, in the green -- I rode the chair lift up with her immediately after, and told her she did a great job looking excited.
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