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Sking in Japan

Postby pbuddingh » Sun Oct 12, 2014 11:41 am

Questions for PMTS skiers that have skied in Japan.

I'll be in Tokyo Late December early January 2014 and would like to sample some skiing.

My home mountain is Whistler, avid PMTS skier.

Niseko - appears to easiest to get to - how does t compare to northern islands that get more North American Press? Recommendations on resort/where to stay, more laid back accommodations for a couple appreciated Any Comments/Suggestions?

Only PMTS related question I can think of is rental skis. I'll bring my boots but prefer to rent skis if I can rent something decent like Rev 80. Doubt if Mya 7, speed SS,SL etc. are available but who knows? - Or do I need to shlep my skis too?

General comments on skiing in Japan? PM me if you prefer. Thanks.
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Re: Sking in Japan

Postby A.L.E » Tue Oct 14, 2014 4:13 am

Monsterman has skied Japan a few times, I'll give him a shout, he may be able to help. He raves about Japan basically like everyone does because it's usually getting puked on constantly with dry powder blown in from Siberia.

In addition have a look at this Aussie ski forums section on Japan. Register and ask a question or simply spend a few days reading old threads, there is endless good information, probably the best English forum for Japanese skiing info on the web.

One thing is for sure, if you go to Niseko you'll find plenty of Aussies there in January, it's our summer school holiday time and plenty of us with kids head to the northern hemisphere in January. Japan is closer than USA/Europe, it's cheaper and is in our same time zone.

I'm in the minority of Aussie skiers, I've not been there yet, +1 likes blue sky skiing, it snows too much in Japan....... :mrgreen:

Niseko is on the northern island of Hokkaido, it was the first famed powder destination in Japan, nowadays other ski areas are sort out, probably to avoid all the Aussies that inundated Niseko. Resorts closer to Tokyo on Honshu island and accessed by bullet train are plentiful. Hukuba, Nozawa, Rusutsu, Hakkodo are all talked a lot about these days. And there are plenty of others. ... ney.66840/

As for gear, I don't know but you might have a bit of trouble finding skinny skis to rent in Japan. :lol:

I often read on the Aussie Japan forum about enormous ski gear stores in Tokyo with great prices.
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