PMTS == Zen of skiing....?

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PMTS == Zen of skiing....?

Postby tommy » Mon Jul 30, 2007 8:14 am

Just having returned from a trip to Tokyo, where I had the opportunity to attend a formal Tea Ceremony (Cha-do), I can't help but thinking that there are some similarities between PMTS and the Zen way of doing things:

even though Zen as a philosophy focuses on intuition rather than rationality - that is, "don't think, just do it", the very thought out movements of Cha-do (as well as of all the various japanese Martial Arts, or -Do's) appear to be "designed" so that a minimum of energy is spent in executing them. That is, the movements are actually very logical and rational, even though their execution is supposed to be anything but analytical. The idea appears to be that "the system" and its movements, whether its about Tea or Martial Arts, is very well thought out, designed to waste the minimum of energy, but the actual performance /execution of the same movements should be totally intuitive, without any thought at all.

Maybe the title of Harald's next book - paraphrasing Robert Pirsig - should be something like "Zen and the art of skiing"...? ;-)

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