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Postby Heyoka » Fri May 12, 2006 7:33 am

Give Me the Notes to tell you why...

I think I'm going to listen to Luther Vandross, all day.

So I"m looking over there at gapic. You know, they wouldn't have anything to type about if it wasn't for "us". Has anyone else noticed? I mean, they're talking about turns that we been doin (or in my case, trying to), for years now. Your Highness has woke up, finally smelled the cow dung. She's now wondering out loud if the short turn, retraction turn, is really where it's at. Yoo Whoo. Helloooooo. The short turn -- bullet proof short turn -- is really the "Mother of all turns". BTW, HH talks about same in the opening sequence of 2.

Speaking of HH, where's the new goods? Me myself, I'm psyched about it. I wonder if you get a free glass of koolaid with it?

Break up the Rockies.

So I'm at the Love Land for closing day. It's tradition for my friend Freda Rope to dawn her best side for the last run down OTR. Gawd bless Freda, that woman rocks. We need more like her.

We've also been talking counter rotation for eons now. But if you want to find out what the latest and greatest jibberish is, gapic is the place to be. Maybe Barnes will show up and make another post that no one can make any conclusions from?

Heading to the Basin tomorrow with my posse, closing down Pali. I dunno, I just can't seem to put 'em away. I really am jonezin to ski in June, with HH and company at the Hood. Oh well, next year. You guys should go. I'm typing ya. The Ridge is a great learning tool. If HH has the Ridge setup, I think he's going to, it's worth the price of admission just for that. Whoever goes, you gotta promise me you'll make a turn on the Ridge for yours truly. Send me a pictures. Mason. Video too?

Speaking of the Ridge, I can skid way better than that D Team dude Chris Fellows in the video I watched. Maybe I should try out for the Demo Team? And that's not the Ridge he was talking about. That'd be the upside down ridge.

I chipped up my supershapes. Damn. I dunno, I guess it's just because I beat the crap out of 'em, all the time. The Head shop manager says it's because I'm a hack, which certainly makes sense. I need to get with HH early next year. But this time I'm coming to learn. A guy has to be willing to put aside his ego when making turns with HH. Else you just won't learn. "But that being said...", there's no one else I want to train with -- nobody. Except Diana. Maybe SkiSyn, or the Apprentice. OK SLAVA, you too.

So did you guys have a great ski season? I hope so. Gawd. I started off feeling it, then by the end of the year I was skidding too much. Then I went back, worked on some stuff. One thing I really love about this sport is that there's always something to do. I talk about doing video, but everytime I think I'm going to, something gets in the way -- like making turns. I guess I just need to slow down for a day -- just one day. But everytime I get on the snow, I just wanna rip.

ESA? I'm wondering what "big name" they'll announce next? Oprah? Big names don't make great ski coaches. I'm with Si. I think it's a slap in the face to some that have posted zillions of times there, to not invite them to be coaches. I still can't figure out why anyone would pay them for what's basically a colored version of PMTS though. But then again, look at all the "big names" you get to hob nob with. Hmm. Maybe I'll be in Aspen drinking koolaid around then?

So John Mason shows up, brings my boy hand made booties. Man. Mason is the coolest. Thanks again, John. From my familia to yours. John Mason is truly, a real skier. John. Let's make more turns next year.

Hey Powdigger. You're a wanker, shame on you. Sorry man, you deserve it. So sue me. "Your honor, he hurt my feelings".

I see my old pal Helluva has pretty much shut the fluck up. Man, I'd love to meet him. I think I need to get a cowboy downhill going. Hey Helluva. See you in Aspen next year? Start doin your squats now.

I wonder if Grandpa has moved up to a better condo yet? My buddy started the very first telephone dating service.

Hey ssh.
"You're nobody, till somebody loves you. You're nobody, till somebody cares. You may be king, you might possess the big fat world and its gold. But gold won't bring you happiness, when you're growing old"

Alright everybody, get on your bikes and ride. Now is the time to get ready for next year. Get on your bikes and ride!

She's good She's fine and always on my mind
I know our love will stand the test of time
She's my girl and my best friend
And i really didn't mean it
Her love is love so fine and so for real
I want the world to know the way i feel
She's my girl and my best friend
And I really didn't mean it
yeah... yeah.. oooh...

See you next year!
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video on the ridge - i promise

Postby John Mason » Fri May 12, 2006 11:55 pm

I'll snag some video of the ridge in a few weeks - I promise.

Yes, the gapics - I got a pm pointing me to a thread on counter - or - well - anti-counter in favor of direct leg rotation in the hip sockets. And so it goes. Just shows this flavor of koolaid isn't just 'marketing'. We are doing different stuff over here. What they think is great over there, would get us an F on our report card over here.

But that's what makes gapic gapic. All flavors are welcome over there. How is a noob going to figure out what is good advice for them when the information is contradictory and opposite?

The more I look back on this little short ski season I had (15 days instead of the prior 2 years of 50 days each) the more I've come to categorize, at least in my view, one of the visual earmarks of 'ski instructor skiing' vs real skiing. That amount of knee bend - max at apex + least at transition = ski instructor ----- while least at apex and max at transition = a real skier. This seems to be the most visible MA difference between the look of a PMTS skier and people that came up other ways. Racers and WC's of course share this look with PMTS skiers too.

Hopefully I can ski more next year Heyoka. My supershapes are not chipped at all :) - but they are barely skied on.

Getting any sleep yet?
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Postby milesb » Wed May 17, 2006 10:31 am

Always like the notes.
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Re: notes from the field

Postby Max_501 » Fri May 19, 2006 10:11 am

Heyoka wrote:Alright everybody, get on your bikes and ride. Now is the time to get ready for next year. Get on your bikes and ride!

I really need to get a bike. I've been delaying the purchase...too many freaking much I'm still skiing. :D
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Postby Great Burl » Fri Aug 11, 2006 12:29 pm

How do I set an avatar on this board? ;)
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