Berger, McGlashan & Lorenz ski video

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Re: Berger, McGlashan & Lorenz ski video

Postby Max_501 » Mon Dec 30, 2019 3:02 pm

h.harb wrote:I disagree, yes, maybe you didn't read my posts on this thread. Am I not clear enough! Also, in the posts, I explained why I disagree with this part of your post.

I have no doubt Reilly and Berger have no problem helping a dedicated skier get to the expert level.

OK, I think I get it now.

Fun to read some of the Reilly-PMTS history. Reilly has come a long way from his first MA of HH and his thoughts on PMTS.


If I'm not mistaken this was the first time we saw a video of Reilly on this forum and HH's first MA of his skiing.

Request for evaluation of a skier


WOW, I'm the star on Epic! Or is it Epic Star, not!!!

h.harb wrote:Now this guy Reilly on the other hand is funny. I have no animosity toward him, he’s just a kid who has lots to learn and not much figured out yet. He’s learning, too bad for him, the hard way.


Reilly ski "training" videos, not really!

I saw this post on Epic. Paul Lorenz from Australlia


A one turn comparison, Reilly with Harald

h.harb wrote:Reilly is a dynamic well rounded skier. He is on the Ozzie Demo Team with Paul Lorenz. These guys are far ahead of the rest to the Demo Teams in their skiing. Even ahead of well known per annual greats like the Austrians and Japanese.


Evolution of WC racer technique, and PMTS.

h.harb wrote:Reilly McGlashin is one of the best PMTS freeskiers. Reily learned it through coaching and studying, reading.
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Re: Berger, McGlashan & Lorenz ski video

Postby h.harb » Thu Jan 02, 2020 1:11 pm

This is great history thanks MAx. I still remember the early videos of Reilly and Paul where they had pronounced "A-frames", late hard hits and lots of up extension movements. They didn't know how to release or create early angles. Like Steve Porino advice "early pressure" that is what they were after, which is still all wrong.

I don't have enough fingers to count how many skiers in my career I have run into who skied at a high level but skied incorrectly. By incorrectly I mean they had missing components and therefore they were making compensation type movements. To the regular eye, (untrained) they look great because there is lots of action and high-speed movement. However, they are often inefficient and wasting lots of energy.

Richie Berger is probably the most natural instinctive skier I've watched, beside Hirscher, but no one will ever be able to ski at Hirscher's level. All the Demo guys watched Berger's skiing for years, they studied his movements, they listen to his advice, yet they can't ski like him. Why? Because Richie Berger doesn't convey his movements for the way he skis in his presentations or clinics. He comes up with the "NTS" company line, traditional instruction.

NTS=National Teaching System

Reilly, Paul, and others were not skiing like Richie before I started to coach them and work on their boot set up. Even these great athletes and skiing professionals could not learn by watching. When I saw them skiing in videos, I was not impressed, I saw lots of issues.

Some new people may think this is arrogant but those that do may not realize, I've skied and trained with World Champions since I was 20 years old. World Champions in my day were Jean Noel Augert, (he Won 5 world cup slaloms in one season) and Werner Bliener (silver medal), Andre Bachleda (a world cup GS winner).

Later, as a coach, I skied with Ingemar Stenmark and he trained with us. He spent a week with me and my group of Nor-Am skiers. How many coaches have had that experience? I've trained with the best, first hand, I've skied with the best first hand. I've skied with Eric and Rob Deslauriers, Doug Combs, Tommy Moe, the Cochrans, the Mahres, the list goes on. So when I see good freeskiers, their errors stand out immediately to my eyes.

I am not intimidated by what responses I might get when I offer a critic about anyone's skiing because I can back it up. Demo Team skiers are not at the level as the top World Cup skiers or even the best Nor-Am racers. This gives you some context.

I coached a young racer in Alaska for three seasons, he was on the same team I was coaching in Alaska when I had Tommy Moe in the program. He went on to place 3rd twice at the Valdez World Extreme Championships, I coached Chris Davenport from when he was 14 to when he was 17, and his sister Kate who made the US Ski Team. I'm not intimidated by the Mike Rogans or the Epic ski people; they are far lesser skiers than the people I grew up with.

I'm sorry to rant on like this but sometimes I just get the feeling there is so much misinformation about skiing out there and it's from so-called experts with no real background. So when people say "Who do you think you are telling Reilly what is wrong with his skiing, I can tell you. In fact, Reilly is "now" very appreciative of my coaching and we have an ongoing relationship.
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Re: Berger, McGlashan & Lorenz ski video

Postby blackthorn » Mon Jan 13, 2020 8:53 pm

I've recently subscribed to Projected Productions for ~$US10 permonth and watched most of the product.
I really enjoy watching the skiing ( any skiing actually!), and they are great athletes.
With my PMTS lenses on I am able, I hope, to ignore a lot of the bad interpretation and advice, and still pick out one or two pearls. There is a lot of inconsistency.
I am unlikely to extend my subscription.
For those who have studied PMTS there may be enjoyment and a little value. For those without, I think it will all, while enjoyable, become confusing; there is not a lot of consistency, and poor understanding of the physics of skiing, and little methodology.
The HH comments on this thread, and in the Takao thread, for me, say it all.
But why, when I discuss with my friends, do they not seem to understand??!!! - ( rhetorical)
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Re: Berger, McGlashan & Lorenz ski video

Postby dougtee » Tue Jan 14, 2020 7:13 am

i find it incredible the breadth of harald's knowledge and how he can tailor it as appropriate. for instance it doesnt seem like the other internet instructor types could engage with non-skiing experts in physics, kinesiology, etc about what happens in skiing and have it be a high level two way conversation.
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Re: Berger, McGlashan & Lorenz ski video

Postby h.harb » Tue Jan 14, 2020 3:03 pm

The secret, watching thousands of people trying to balance for over 55 years on skis and figuring out what works. The endless quest for answers and evolving the process of teaching and boot mechanics. Also, surrounding yourself with the best people who are as driven as you to the goal.

Thank you for the comments.
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Re: Berger, McGlashan & Lorenz ski video

Postby Vailsteve » Wed Nov 18, 2020 7:17 pm

Old thread I know...but still informative to me as we move to the start of this new season.

Greg, aka Helavaskier, in another post, encapsulated — in my mind—, the single biggest difference in PMTS teaching versus ANY other school...PSIA, CSIA, KSIA whomever. (Ok...maybe not the Austrians,,).

Greg said PMTS focuses on the INPUTS, that subsequently create the desired outcomes.

Another version.. PMTS develops the inputs that create the outcomes. Step by step by step.

Tipping, CA, CB, foot pullback, flexing/relaxing, not extending or pushing, narrow stance, early angles to create pressure, are all hallmarks of Harald’s system.

It is a VERY good system. Thank you Harald.
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