Postby MonsterMan » Sun Oct 21, 2007 3:12 pm

Good morning all. I was the successful bidder on ebay for a skier's edge machine. It was a local seller so I picked it up last night.

I'm after any tips on using it as it came with a video cassette. I haven't had a VCR for years now ! :evil:

My first thought is that I wish it had higher rails, (ie the latter models seem to require a bit more leg flexing across the top).

Anyway, what's the plan? just work on it for increasing periods of time? Then get out Harb Carving once a week to iron out any stance leg pushing habits?

Any thoughts appreciated.


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Postby Icanski » Sun Oct 21, 2007 7:54 pm

I spoke with the rep for skier's edge at the ski show last week. They've always intrigued me and so I stop by and try it, and then see the price and go home and jump over boxes.
They have a new attachment called the QS5 and it is a U-shaped rail that clamps onto the rails that are there. It also involves a new carriage. It makes the machine virtually silent and extremely smooth from side to side. It's a definite change and upgrade.

Whether you use poles or that bar he would tell people to start like this: stand in the center at the top of the bump, now tip your feet from one side to the other gently and shift your balance gently from one foot to the other as you do it. You should be slightly flexed as you do this. As it starts to rock from side to side keep flexed so your body stays relatively centered and the legs extend as the carriage rolls back and forth under you. At first you can allow your body to travel with the carriage a bit so you build some momentum. when you really want to burn your legs up, see if you can keep your body and hips centered and let the legs extend rapidly out, then back in as you flex, and then out on the other side. You can counter balance over the feet if possible, but the legs will be flying back and forth and the torso is calm and stable. think of keeping your belly button in the same place. You may have to pick up the pace so that the legs are able to extend and retract quickly, or the body will ride along on the carriage from side to side. (doing that simulates the larger radius turns.)
For another challenge, do it on one leg, side to side. The switch legs after awhile (I imagine it won't be too long.) :twisted:
It really does burn your legs and get you panting quickly. Let us know if it affects your skiing and stamina.
have fun,
ps, you can probably order the CD from them and they may even have an online demo you can watch.
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Postby Giorgio » Thu Dec 27, 2007 2:01 am

Hey ya!

After looking over the skiers edge site I went to Ebay and indeed found a classic model up for bid. Only one day to go and it was "only" $760. :shock:
Frustrating since a Bowflex, which is far more complicated to manufacture, can be had for the same price, but what are you going to do? (Like the Bowflex, it does seem to be very high quality and with good endorsements and is very ski specific, which for a new guy like me would be great.)

Nonetheless, I am interested, but what I wanted to know is what is an average price one should expect to pay used and new for one of these? Thanks!
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Re: SkiersEdge

Postby liming » Sun Dec 12, 2010 9:12 pm

I have the skiersedge S4 All mountain model. It is the only thing that I could find that will pre-condition the leg muscles for skiing. I anticipated at the PMTS camp the coaches would ask students to ski in ways that feel "new" :-), so I exercised on this machine 30min/day for about 1 month before the camp started. It helped me in the afternoon practice, as I was able to keep doing it without getting burned out. It made the next day feel easy too.
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Re: SkiersEdge

Postby Carve2turn » Thu Sep 29, 2011 4:48 pm

The QS5 upgrade is worth much more quiet and smooth! I love mine. Just make sure to check the bands frequently. If they break while using gets a bit hairy. Ask me how I know. :lol:
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Re: SkiersEdge

Postby Daren » Fri Jun 11, 2021 7:01 pm

Will using the skiers edge help to develop any bad movements for skiing such as pushing hard against the skis while skiing or will the skiers edge promote good movements such as flexing to release to benefit your skiing ? From the videos I have seen of people using the skiers edge they all seam to have their feet very far apart which does not really look practical. I use a Nordic track cross country ski machine & once you dial in the correct movements the machine is fun to use, easy on the joints, works major muscle groups though hard to get the intensity of the workout to that of running up hill with ski poles. Is it easier to get breathless on the skiers edge compared to the Nordic Track ski machine ?

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