My Summer Training

My Summer Training

Postby SkiMoose » Wed Sep 05, 2018 6:47 pm

Hey everyone, I figured I'd share a little about what I've been doing this summer in preparation for my first season of ski racing this upcoming winter. To start off, I am running Cross Country with my high school team for cardio, and I have been trying to target the muscles used in skiing by doing a lot of core and leg exercises at the gym. I am mostly just trying to increase strength at this point, but I want to start doing some higher rep stuff to try and increase my endurance. I have also been using Bosu balls and a slackline for balance. Whether the balance gained doing this has any relevance to the balance in skiing I don't know yet :D . I've been doing hill repeats for overall functional strength, as well as some speed ladder and obstacle course stuff for agility. The Harb Carvers have been a major part of training this summer of course, and I've also been trying to get on a dry-slope indoors as much as possible to try and at least maintain if not improve my technique (I may post a video at some point if I can get one that looks decent). If anyone has any more ideas for skiing workouts, or something that you feel works well for you let me know, I'd love to hear it! Anyway, I put together a video just for fun of some of this stuff, so check it out :D
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