PMTS Short Turn Camp A Basin 11/16/15

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PMTS Short Turn Camp A Basin 11/16/15

Postby davidpjr » Sat Nov 21, 2015 3:26 pm

What a great experience. All the instructors are fantastic. You can't go wrong unless you are coming to just be with people and not learn.
Everyone in my class made major improvements and looked like PMTS skiers when done. They all went from UP and DOWN movements, Stiff bodies, no countering to skiing the PMTS way.
And Harald jumped in to give tips to the various groups. You want to ski in the past, don't come to the camp. You want to be part of the future of skiing, this is the ticket.
As my instructor BOB H. said, quoting Buzz Lightyear...... Harald and Diana... "TO Infinity and Beyond !! "
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Re: PMTS Short Turn Camp A Basin 11/16/15

Postby DougD » Sat Nov 21, 2015 4:29 pm

Hear! Hear!
Same experience in my (Walter's) group. Every skier emerged fundamentally transformed. By far the best value in ski coaching I've ever seen or even imagined.
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Re: PMTS Short Turn Camp A Basin 11/16/15

Postby bartharb » Wed Dec 02, 2015 3:07 pm

Yes , I came from Switserland (I almost travelled 24 hour Zurich - Washington - Denver - A-base) but I am very happy I have done it . It is all worth the money and time. I am looking forward for the next and we had a lot of more snow then here in the Alps....
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