Check point 9 Flexing,bending the inside leg in transition.

These "check points" are all derived from the "Essentials of Skiing" and are either Essentials or important parts of Essentials. They serve as check points in your skiing, compare yourself to them with either video or photos for validation that you are on the right track with your skiing.

Check point 9 Flexing,bending the inside leg in transition.

Postby h.harb » Sat Jan 18, 2014 1:05 pm


This is the early High C engagement. I always get asked on my You Tube, mostly by instructors from Canada or skiers who have been taught to get long by pushing or extending. They try to justify extension by saying, "if you don't push how do you get your outside leg long." Well they don't know PMTS.

The natural transition to tipping and not standing, to shorten the inside leg and a stretch or lengthen outside leg. You don't want to stand up or this photo will never be part of your skiing.
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