GS Speeds!

GS Speeds!

Postby jbotti » Sun Jan 15, 2023 9:38 am

One thing that this years broadcasts have added is top speed even for the technical disciplines. I was re-watching the Men's GS from Soelden yesterday and they showed the top speed that each racer hit. Odermatt who won the race had the fastest top speed at 95kph. That's 59mph! Those are downhill and SG speeds (yes top speeds for both will be higher). Yes, Soelden is especially steep, and they said on the broadcast that the steepest section is a 65% grade (we have a grade at my home mountain that is 40% and that is wicked steep, so 65% is off the charts) but hitting 60 mph in a GS is just crazy.

I have heard Harald say many times when he criticizes some instructors and certain instruction, that: "they have no real experience with the speed and forces that todays ski racers are dealing with in every run"

That is clearly my experience. I watch and say to myself "this is nuts". Not only are they going really fast, making tight arcs, but its also on ice!

Of course when accidents happen at those speeds, bad things usually happen to body parts. The FIS has talked over the years at making changes to protect the athletes. Of course going to a wider TR (when they went to a 35meter TR years ago) did just the opposite. If anything guys are just getting better, stronger, faster etc and I'm not sure there is anything anyone can do to reduce the speeds in GS.

Its really fun to watch as long as no one is crashing!
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