78 and 79!

78 and 79!

Postby jbotti » Wed Dec 28, 2022 4:58 pm

If you didn't notice, Mikaela won back to back GS races this week at Semmering. She laid down a blistering first run yesterday and skied more cautiously in run 2 but pulled out the win. Have not watched todays race yet. But 79 WC wins at age 27 is just unreal. I don't think anyone will come close to the consistency and mastery or Marcel Hirscher, but as far as numbers and winning, Mikaela will go down as the greatest ski racer of all time. It's possible that she could even pass Stenmark this year, (would require 8 more wins which would be a lot but doable). If she decides to ski into her 30s (which is not necessarily a sure thing) she is going to post a number well past 100 wins that is going to last for a long long time.

We all need to enjoy watching her while we still can!!
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