CB, or Lack There of in Action!

CB, or Lack There of in Action!

Postby jbotti » Sun Mar 06, 2022 2:13 pm

Todays Women's GS in Lenzerheide is super fun to watch and this course is pretty brutal. Its solid ice and not only super steep up top, but also with a side hill lie, making edge-hold even tougher on the solid ice. 17 skiers did not finish the first run. That list included Vlhova, Marta Bassino and Alice Robinson, and they all leaned in to some degree and were punished for it. You can actually see the moment where many skiers sense they need more edge hold, and want higher edge angles and decided to drop the hip in (without adding CB) and bam, its over quick.

I also noticed Elena Curtoni, do the exact opposite. In her first few turns every time she needed more grip, she did not lean in, possibly did not even add to the edge angles but instead got more over the outside ski, and skied the top section with no problem. Obviously others handled this section well including Shiffrin, Worley, Hector and Brignone.

I just love watching races on tough, iced up brutal courses the require pristine technique and great athleticism.

If you like to see the best skiers in the world taking on a hill and conditions that require great skiing, watch todays first and second runs. First was by far more challenging in the top section. The only place I know to find it is on peacock.
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