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I know this site celebrates technical WC races and racers---and for good reason. But, damn, Hahnenkamm weekend, even in Covid times, is still the best and most exciting few days in racing. And, winning the DH in Kitzbuhel, heck-finishing the DH in Kitzbuhel-is the greatest achievement in this sport. Love watching it, love its even more when they can run the full course. It's the perfect blend of strength, endurance, technique, strategy and courage unrivaled in any other mainstream sport. Congratulations to Beat Feuz winning not just one but TWO DH races at Kitzbuhl in 3 days. That's quite a career capper.

In other news, I read somewhere that people still watch football
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Re: Hahnenkamm!!!

Postby jbotti » Tue Jan 26, 2021 11:57 am

I also agree that I enjoy watching the tougher speed events (and none are as tough or tougher than Kitzbuhl). Having said that, I am continually sickened by the lack regard for athlete safety employed by the FIS. That last jump in the first downhill was beyond dangerous as guys were flying almost to the flats. And the swiss skier had an accident on par with Scott McCartney or Chad Fleisher where all three were knocked unconscious. If we go back just a few years at Kitzbuhl there was the set up that took out both Svindal and Reichelt. Hell you saw the same in the recent women's speed races as well. This is just wrong and it happens time and time again. And the FIS is to blame for all of it.

Turning on the Hahnenkamm and knowing that there is a good chance of seeing a brutal wipeout with career ending implications makes it way less fun to watch.
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