New 30m GS skis this season

New 30m GS skis this season

Postby jbotti » Wed Aug 09, 2017 12:42 pm

Below is a link to good article on some of the testing and prep work for all as they go to new GS skis this year.

First off, I think its going to be a lot more fun to watch as there will be more arcing by more skiers through more of the course. But change does not always come easily for everyone. Many guys never actually figured out how to ski 35m GS skis. And most manufacturers struggled to produce a fast winning GS ski other than Head that killed it with their design in those first couple of years. It will be interesting to watch this year. Theoretically more guys should have a chance to win a WC GS on the new skis instead of the 4 or so guys that had a chance the past few years (Hirscher, PInterault, Kristofferson, Felix and maybe Faivre/Fanara or in past years Ted). But getting used to new skis and the different approach they take takes some longer than others. The quality of the designs by the manufacturers will likely play a huge role this season. Should be fun to watch. ... us-gs-skis
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