Skis and boots for young woman

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Skis and boots for young woman

Postby lsem » Sun May 20, 2018 5:32 am

Hi guys!

This is my first post on the forum, but I have been reading it for few months.

Could you please give me some advice on buying new equipment for my wife? We need something PMTS recommended for groomers that can be used for drills, growing and getting new skills. If it is not 100% recommended and ideal fit, it is fine. I'm relying on your knowledge, experience and wisdom. I also think it must be valuable for others to collect responses on that topic given it is for woman like her. I have not found anything matching in past posts.

Her parameters:
27 years;
56 kg (125 lbs);
173 cm (5 feet 8 inches);

She is rather skinny but I would describe her as quite athletic. She has some strength, coordination and can/plans to improve. She might get more weight (I think not more than 60kg) in future since what she has now is her minimum.

We are looking for skis and boots for next season.
There are boots and skis that I think might be good for her, which
we have in local shop for a good price.

1) Skis:
Dynastar SpeedZone 12 Ti in 166.

Looks like might be stiffer than needed for slow speeds. On the flip side, I would like to see her on some more solid ski since she has some natural fear of speed that she would like to overcome. So, good support from ski might be helpful. The question is if the is ski going to be bent with her weight and skiing level.

We have been learned some of PMTS movements on our starting from last season. While there is some progress, the moves are not integrated yet and there is some gap between drills and free skiing in her skiing. Unfortunately, have no drills recorded, but I've found and compiled some video from GoPro, not for MA but for spotting general abilities and athleticism:

2) Boots:

Nordica Doberman 100, 2014-2015, White. The picture of them: ... 907150.jpg

We are going to visit Portes Du Ski this summer and get PMTS bootfitting (I will be on HEAD Raptors 140 or Langes, now advice needed for boots for wife).

Also have been thinking about HEAD Raptor 120, which must be also available in her size (25). Overall, in Ukrainian shops, almost all high-performance boots are in sizes starting from 26.5-27. Except junior models. There are also some Langes like XT 90 W os something like that, but it looks too weak. Her last/current boot was some very soft Fischer and then we mistakenly bought K2 Spyre 100 which looks like rotary boot. I also found her knock kneed-ed in these boots (k2) but she likes fell of stiffness, compared to old super soft Fischer. If there is someone who can say something about this K2 I will appreciate it.

Returning to Nordica Doberman 100, last width and length should be fine, have not tried yet. Will try on soon.

What do you think about this flex for her weight and skills?

Is liner is going to be warm or it is definitely different from cruising boots in this regard?

Thanks in advance and looking for responses.
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Re: Skis and boots for young woman

Postby jbotti » Mon May 21, 2018 10:20 am

The SpeedZone 12s will be fine for her. Choosing boots based upon stats and data is a mistake. Find a solid bootfitter (and most here say that Portes du ski is one) and work with them to find boots that fit properly for both of you. Stiffer boots are always better than softer boots because all boots can be softened (and there is not much that will significantly stiffen a boot that is too soft). And most issues with boots that people think are too stiff have to do with fit as boots that are too big don't function properly and often don't allow one to get in the right position to flex them.
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Re: Skis and boots for young woman

Postby lsem » Tue May 29, 2018 11:55 am

Thank you for reply.

Following you advice I've contacted Jasper from Porte De Skis and as a result ordered different boots (Raptor 110/120).

I've also found used pair of 16-17 HEAD iSL in 165cm in good condition and for A really good price. Hand-flexing confirmed they seem to be appropriate for my wife. Definitely a way softer than my Volkl Racetiger SL in the same size.
Still thinking about that Speed Zone which looks like really interesting ski.
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