Icelantic Sabre 89 or 99?

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Icelantic Sabre 89 or 99?

Postby mountainbum » Tue Mar 20, 2018 9:53 pm

Anyone skied these skis? I just skied the Icelantic oracle in a 165 today in 8+ inches of powder. They were quite nice, but they were also quite used and old so really good flex, maybe a bit soft...I think the turn radius is 16m, full camber (some early rise similar to the monsters) and its technically a women's ski. Curious if anyone has skied the new sabre 89 or 99 and mainly wondering about the flex pattern. They have a 16m radius in a 174.

Also, how would one determine if a ski has a good flex pattern? Is it possible to hand flex a ski and tell? Or is skiing the only way? I'm mainly interested in getting a good powder ski that can handle chop, but only for 8+ inch days.
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