Skier "A" improvement, Cont'd from You Tube

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Skier "A" improvement, Cont'd from You Tube

Postby h.harb » Wed Dec 15, 2010 4:53 pm

@skiwhh (continued) The only remaining movement at skier "A"'s disposal to get the skis into the next turn, is another poor edge set, with a strong rotation and extension, to get the tails up and across the falline.

To correct this way of skiing, his skis need to be tipped onto an angle by at least the falline. This cannot be done with the extension movement he has. The solution is taking this skier back to learning a flexing release, and tipping onto the new edges at the transition. This will reduce the forceful tail push. Skier "A" has little or poor counter balancing, so he has almost no angulation, that is why he can't even edge set properly or get a rebound out of his edge sets.

What I derive in this exchange is that in freestyle type bump skiing and competition the idea is to have a hard edge set to rebound, but this skier doesn't have the basic skills to set a hard edge. Even if that was his motivation for a method of bump skiing. If he, as someone stated earlier, is an older gentleman, he may not want to go that route. I understand from other bump skiers I know, like Nelson Carmichael that a hard rebound isn't the primary goal, in bump skiing.
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