Carvers For Sale

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Carvers For Sale

Postby SkierSynergy » Wed May 31, 2023 2:21 pm

I have some carvers for sale.

1. Slalom Model (used). $150 + shipping
This is the smallest of the three. Great for Kids or someone who just wants to practice slower. They have upgraded button axles so you can tip them as far as you can without hitting the axles. They also have an upgraded front pin.

2. Pro Model (used). $225 + shipping
This is a great all around model. Fast enough, but a little more forgiving. These have an upgraded front pin.

3. Comp Model. (Brand New- never used) $325 + shipping
These are the fastest model. These are really fun.

Let me know if anyone is interested by emailing me at
You can view the carvers for sale at the following dropbox folder. -- comprehensive services for the girlfriends of skiers
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