MA Request 4 A Michigan Skier

Re: MA Request 4 A Michigan Skier

Postby h.harb » Wed Apr 03, 2019 10:37 pm

Stereotypes save time! I am direct, you can waste lots of time beating around the bush, the way PSIA does. You won't get better information anywhere. I applaud your direction and your efforts. You will always get a real answer here.
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Re: MA Request 4 A Michigan Skier

Postby RyanAllen » Tue Jan 28, 2020 6:37 pm

Thank you Harald and all for your assistance! Here's an update on my efforts. The unvarnished truth about my skiing as explained by HH really motivated me to dig deeper and work at this. I've been skiing since age 10 and am still hungry for more. In addition to a lot of dry land including all of slantboard drills, Indoor Intro Vid, and practicing the exercises from Essentials Vid 1,2,3, I also went to the Short Turn Camp at Welch Village. The coaches there were great and I was missing it all the moment I left for home.

It "felt" like I was making improvements to the my blocking and extending problems, but as I look carefully at the video's, I am actually pretty disappointed with my progress. I can still see an extension from my inside leg while transitioning and lifting my stance ski. This, in spite of literally thinking, "bend the free ski leg, hold the LTE." We drilled on this stuff at camp, but it seems like lifting my stance ski "triggers" the extension.

There are moments, mid turn, where I see some good things - some counter balancing, maybe some improvement with counter acting (see hip-o-meter vid). But my transitions are ugly, not PMTS, and I'm frustrated. I'm adding links to my video's for Short Turn Camp, but would like to use these screen shots to highlight where my skiing breaks down with the transition:

Finishing a left turn: ... sp=sharing

Feet coming apart, starting to stem(?): ... sp=sharing

Extending off free ski, yuck! ... sp=sharing

Weight transferred to new stance ski but not flexing, yuck! ... sp=sharing

Now past the worst of it, into my next turn, not as hard to look at: ... sp=sharing

Full Video: ...


I am wondering if anyone else has been "cured" from this issue, and whether I am correct that attempting the phantom move could possibly triggering part of my extension? I know skiing in a blocked position without any CB & CA can lead to extending, as Harold said above. And, the poles across the knees drill helped me feel a stronger counter and seemed like the only way I could turn was to flex. We also did pole drags and knee touches. When we tried two-footed releases, I also felt like I was flexing to release my edges and tip the skis downhill, followed by lifting my new inside ski. So, could that help? Basically trying a TFR with exaggerated flex?

Post note - I really want to get to a camp in CO next year. I am however, a little concerned about coming home and STILL not being a PMTS skier.
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Re: MA Request 4 A Michigan Skier

Postby RyanAllen » Tue Feb 04, 2020 2:55 pm

Since posting the update above, I have gotten some great feedback, and would like to share a few details... The common theme from the feedback I've gotten was "balance." Work on balancing on the stance ski and free foot management. Also, finish the turn strongly, with more tipping. Also, relax during transition, and think of keeping my legs and ankles soft - don't push on the skis.

To this, I added something that gave me some good feedback last season, the sponge drill. This was a very good test of my balancing, releasing, flexing, and tipping. By focusing on balancing 100% on the stance ski, I found it much easier than last season to tip my free foot and hold it against my downhill boot, holding the sponge securely. The transition is (obviously) the most difficult part to keep the sponge from falling. I found that by flexing into the transition, and holding a strong counter, I was able to release the stance ski and transfer balance to the free ski (hopefully to the LTE) and continuously keep pressure against the sponge by tipping the new free ski early into the next turn. Doing so, I was able to keep the sponge from moving out of place for several (12?) turns. Obviously, if I can avoid dropping the sponge then I'm not stemming, that makes me happy! My only drops were where the trail transitioned across an intersection. But I was able to keep the sponge from dropping even where the trail pitched downward. However, when it was late in the day and I began to tire, I did start dropping the sponge after a few turns. It definitely takes energy and focus.

I want to get some more video soon, but am having a little trouble finding fellow nerds!

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