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Re: MA request

Postby DougD » Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:34 pm

bmoose21 wrote:Not giving up on MA.

Yay! Good for you. FYI, if Max_501, HH or another coach disagrees with the MAs above, I'd love to hear about it. I'm here to learn too.

As I was telling Harald today when I ran into him at A-Basin, I really do want to get to a camp where I can get direct feedback.

By all means do! Best thing you could possibly do for your skiing.
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Re: MA request

Postby milesb » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:54 am

With what Doug said, it is relatively easy for experienced pmts students to identify the movements a skier is making. Correcting it requires much more expertise. Still, there is great value in having someone correctly identifying what a skier is doing. A skier will almost never get even that in a Tts lesson.
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Re: MA request

Postby bmoose21 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:13 pm

Ok uploaded some screenshots of this blurry video to a google photos account... click on each pic to see captions on each frame.

The realization I've had from this clip and other evidence like my ski tracks... is that though I feel a relaxation of my stance leg at the end of the turn, I am unintentionally extending/standing up on the little toe edge of the inside ski rather than beginning to tip the old stance leg immediately at transition. This weight transfer allows a parallel turn start and acts as a way of re-centering or maintaining my fore/aft balance (especially when the inside ski shoots forward) at the expense of everything else. That weight transfer very difficult to see here, but when I look closely I see that the outside leg is slightly more bent then the inside as I 'get taller'. By the time I attempt to 'tip' the inside ski it is way too late, not to mention the tipping of the ski is not initiated at the foot, so this results in dropping my hips--(thanks Will Wing Pang!) Beyond that I've already known that I have almost no CA/CB on my left turn (which I'm not sure if it related, but it is my bad rt knee) and just a little more CA/CB on my right.

I've done a lot of the book 1 tipping drills, two footed release, angry mother, pole drags, etc. but I hadn't really worked on the super phantom or power release yet.
Anyway based on this I'm thinking I should focus on the power release, and super phantom along with CA/CB exercises. I've tried working on this a bit yesterday and it feels strange and unsteady (hard to commit to), but does immediately seem to create better turns. It also leaves me a bit back seat which I expected, but I need more practice before working on foot pullback.
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Re: MA request

Postby Max_501 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 7:23 pm

IMO you should work on building a Super Phantom. That starts with page 1 of book 1. Its a lot of work but for many of us totally worth the effort.

An old post of mine...

Max_501 wrote:One road to expert skiing:

1 - Get your boots and alignment checked.

2 - Read and watch Book/Video 1. Make sure you understand and can do everything in the book before moving to next step. Lots of drill work.

3 - Read and watch Book/Video 2. Make sure you understand and can do everything in the book before moving to next step (note, the book is filled with tests to pass before moving to the next chapter, take that seriously, if you can't pass a test don't move forward until you can). Lots of drill work.

4 - Read the Essentials book and watch the Essential DVDs. Lots of drill work.

Mixed in with the above get plenty of video. Consider attending camps. Post video for MA. Search the forum for additional information.
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