What happens with my inside foot?

Re: What happens with my inside foot?

Postby Max_501 » Sun Aug 28, 2016 3:09 pm

Carl R wrote:When pulling free foot back, tip pressure happens.

In the advanced stages of the drill the ski shouldn't be on the snow. See the bold text below.

When learning, you can begin with keeping the tip of the free ski on the snow, but the goal is to keep the whole ski lifted throughout the turn which is a true test of your ability to balance on the outside ski.
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Re: What happens with my inside foot?

Postby DougD » Mon Aug 29, 2016 1:39 pm

Carl R wrote:So, my question is; what happens with my inside foot?
As Max has noted, you are not managing your inside foot with PMTS movements. In the videos above, every turn includes leaning on the inside ski shortly after transition, well before the skis reach the fall line. Since leaning tilts the ski onto its inside edge, it hooks inward. That's what's happening with your inside foot.

Skiing very slowly, with skidding turns; making the inside ski tip grip is what starts the rotation afaik.
Since you've never posted video of skiing slowly, we can't be sure what you're doing. If that's in fact what you're doing, it has nothing to do with PMTS skiing. Why not post some video of your attempts at the Phantom Move with Touch Tilt? On the recommended 12-14m skis? The input you'd get would be very instructive.

Is it a problem in higher speeds?
It's a problem at any speed. :wink:

Should I use the inside ski differently?
Only if you want to become a PMTS skier. :twisted:

Max has given you great insights. HH has given you the necessary movements and drills to learn them. They're all in the books, but you aren't following the books. Nowhere does HH advise PMTS students to "rotate" our skis with "inside ski tip grip". You're inventing your own system.

ToddW offered a great suggestion. Get to a PMTS camp, where HH, Diana and the other coaches will give you drills at which you will fail miserably. (I certainly did. We all do.) Once we realize how limited our skiing actually is, we can start building effective movements that actually work.
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Re: What happens with my inside foot?

Postby Carl R » Mon Aug 29, 2016 2:22 pm

Since this video was posted in another thread as an example of good inside ski management I thought it had some merit.

I thought it looked like the inside ski tip gripping the snow.
Well, it lined up well (in my mind) with others saying pull back inside ski.

Anyway, thank you both for insights!
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Re: What happens with my inside foot?

Postby DougD » Tue Aug 30, 2016 8:50 pm

If you watch closely, you'll see that Diana's inside ski tip barely brushes the snow surface. On some turns it doesn't touch down at all. She never pressures it enough to grip the snow.

As Max noted above, ski tip brushing the snow is permissible as a balance cue for newbies first learning the Phantom Move. That's whom this video is directed toward. Accomplished PMTS skiers can do this turn with the inside ski entirely off snow. Heck... even I can do that, and I'm far from accomplished (as Max and Diana could attest).

You really should attend a camp. Until you've been put through these drills under the eyes of a coach, it's not always easy to see what's really happening.
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