MA Request for dwanjr

Re: MA Request for dwanjr

Postby cheesehead » Fri Feb 26, 2016 9:39 am

Zooming would really help. You should be filling up the frame as you go by the camera.
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Re: MA Request for dwanjr

Postby DougD » Fri Feb 26, 2016 3:20 pm

Video quality aside...

I don't see total commitment to the outside ski through the entire turn. As you move through the apex and belly of each turn, your stance widens and you lean inside into a two footed stance. It's impossible to increase tipping effectively when doing that (trust me - I know!) So...

#1 thing to work on is balancing COMPLETELY on the LTE of the new stance foot during transition. You must be able to do this in both directions at s-l-o-w speeds. It takes practice... hours and hours of practice.

#2 Once you're doing that reliably in both directions, lift the free ski slightly off the snow and tip so that the ski edge beneath your instep is touching the stance boot just below the ankle rivet. Hold it there and keep tipping so it stays there throughout the ENTIRE turn. Practice until you can do this reliably in both directions. Again, try to practice this at much slower speeds.

#3 Near the bottom of the turn, the instant your free ski LTE brushes the snow - IMMEDIATELY flex the stance leg and transfer weight to that LTE. Now you're back at #1... repeat.

Practicing these (Super Phantoms with Touch Tilt) until you can link them reliably at slow speeds will greatly improve your one-footed balance.

Bonus MA: your CA is being undone by your pole plants, which are too active and involve excessive arm swinging and reaching (in the wrong direction). The best cure for this is to STOP pole planting altogether. Pole Plants are a distraction and a real bar to improvement until you've nailed #1, 2 and 3 above. For now, hold your poles so they're vertical with both tips brushing the snow through the entire turn. Keep pushing both tips forward (using only your wrists) so the poles don't get swept backwards. Avoid active pole use until foot movements and balance are under control in PMTS fashion.

As always, if a more qualified PMTS skier or coach chimes in, their advice trumps mine.
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Re: MA Request for dwanjr

Postby dwanjr » Sat Feb 27, 2016 11:16 am

Yeah, I keep telling her to zoom before she starts recording me. It's all I've got for video right now though and I thought it's slightly better than nothing.


Thanks for your comments! I will continue to work on my outside ski balance. I was noticing that separation of my feet after the apex of the turn as well. That would definitely explain some of the difficulty I was having while trying to increase my tipping. The CA being undone by my pole plant also would explain why my stance ski would sometimes slide out from under me; if my CA was being compromised that, combined with a lack of full commitment to my stance ski, would cause the edge to not hold as well as it should.

I was doing similar exercises to what you suggested on my second day this season. I was doing them very slowly as I was skiing with my sister then who was just having her third day skiing ever. I definitely felt more solid after doing those. My wife usually just wants to ski fast and rarely wants to work on technique. She knows I'm constantly working on trying to improve my technique though so maybe she'll slow down for some runs to take some (better) video for me. She's not practicing PMTS despite my attempts so I don't really ask her for feedback on my skiing, other if it looks consistent and if she can tell what I'm working on.
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