MA requested for my last run in march.

MA requested for my last run in march.

Postby jepoupatout » Sat Nov 20, 2010 5:25 pm

Hi, to make sure i will start on the right track could you give me some feedback on that run made in marrch? I see a lot of rotation from my upper body at the beginning of the turn,also something weird with my arm when i pole. I was concentrating on my fore/aft balance which i think was ok but my CR and C B are counter productive.I thought i was tipping a lot more but when i watched that video i felt surpised to notice a lot more of steering and very few tipping.
I've read twice book1 and 2 from HH and i think i need to rebuild my technic starting with the release, also I understood from my reading that i was trying to tip from my knee and not starting the movement with the ankle. I understand that it is basic for the experience guy but for me that's a new beginning. I quit ski 20 years ago and at that time i was skiing with a 2 meter 5 ski length , carving didn't exist at that time ( pushing and steering was the way to ski) . I was confused about PMTS technic when i came back on ski last year . It is a real challenge and when i watch the video from HH it makes a lot of sense to do the change.
Any comments will be really appreciate.
Thanks :idea:
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Re: MA requested for my last run in march.

Postby Max_501 » Sun Nov 21, 2010 6:01 pm

Things to consider for MA -

Does the release start by flexing the outside leg?
Does LTE tipping lead engagement to the new turn?
Are the feet pulled back at transition?
Is the inside foot held back throughout the turn?
Is there enough CB and CA and is the timing right?
Strong inside arm?
Is the pelvis included in the CB/CA movement?
Is the inside leg flexed as the turn progresses?
Does the outside leg extend naturally (no pushing) as the turn progresses?
Does LTE tipping continue throughout the turn?
Is there a pole touch and how is the movement and timing?
Alignment - watch the skis and knees carefully - does anything look like it needs go be tipped in or out?
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Re: MA requested for my last run in march.

Postby MonsterMan » Mon Nov 22, 2010 1:00 am

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Gomez: Querida?
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please, please post more video this year, and don't turn down the sound, it does something for me.
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