Video Sports Analysis Software

Video Sports Analysis Software

Postby Erik » Fri Oct 08, 2010 5:24 pm

Anyone have experience with V1 Home software from (PC only.)

V1 has an interesting business model for golf and now skiing analysis. They sell the "pro" package to teaching pros and schools, and the home version to general users. Lets the pros offer video analysis to their clients.

The home package lets you run video at various speeds, do side by side comparisons of two videos, markup of the video analysis, measure angles. Looks like it could have some interesting capability for PMTS MA.

They have some capabilities in a free dowload Home Basic and a $40 Home Premium package.

Web site is at
Software capabilities at:

Some of their marketing is for racing development programs, allowing side by side comparison of skiers running gates.

Thoughts? My impressions of looking at their web site is that the tools deserve a better interface.
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