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Postby oggy » Tue May 01, 2012 2:14 pm

Back to short turns. One of the last, if not the last day of the season for me. For short turns, this season my focus has shifted between the following, in order:

1. More flexing
2. Continuous motions of the free foot, i.e. more flexing and tipping as the turn progresses (movement rather than position)
3. Counterbalance, lots of one footed releases, phantom javelins
4. Committing my body to the new turn, i.e. letting it cross the skis as I release the turn (stuff from chapters 6-8 in ACBAES 2). This I feel has been the biggie for me this season... no matter how hard I tried to do all of 1-3, video would inevitably show pushing, skidding and no High-C. Then I decided to try simply removing my support by flexing the stance leg, and sort of letting my face plant into the snow. Instead of the expected face plant, my skis came around... however every so often a hip check would remind me that my CB doesn't like being neglected. Experimenting some more, and adding some more tipping just before the apex of the turn I was able to really tighten the turn. When everything clicked, that is. I'm still very inconsistent, e.g. quite often things go wrong (lack of coordination, foot pullback, you name it), and it's really not my "default" motion yet, but when it works, it's really game-changing.

Ashamed to say that all of these have been brought up in the responses to my first post here 2 years back, starting from the very first response by leo bloom, and also in the responses to my later video. Guess some people you just have to beat with a stick to get them to understand ;)

Anyway, here are my videos from today. Things I know could be improved:

-CB is not great, this is partly conscious. The snow is very slushy, with some 20cm of wet powder covering the groomed piste, that got chopped up during the day
-Tipping more would tighten the turns, but my focus was not really on that in the videos
-No counteracting at the end of the longer turns, not enough on the shorter turns.

However the main point I'd like to get feedback on is: do you see any high-C in these turns? Is my body crossing the skis properly? I think the answer to both is "yes" on most turns, but would like to get some independent confirmation. Also, on the turns where I don't get it, what could be improved?

To my eyes, the skiing in the first video looks the best (it was actually the first video of the day). The second is on a slightly steeper pitch, while the third one is the same pitch as the first. My camerawoman hasn't used enough zoom, so might be better to view them directly on vimeo/youtube.


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