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Postby MonsterMan » Mon Feb 08, 2010 3:53 pm

Keep the outside hip down/lower and lift the new inside hip as you transition, while tipping. This is the edge change while the skis are under the hips. Edges should change sides under your body not to the side. It's definitely a twisting and crunching of the hips move to get this done.

That's the money comment for me as the skier remembering making these movements at speed as opposed to slow traverses. I was doing the exact opposite. When I visualise the release used in these turns, I was allowing the inside hip to lift with respect to the other hip to get the pelvis tilt the other way. Of course this creates a leg extension, but as the skier it didn't fell like a leg push, it was actually "using the force" incorrectly to achieve a tilted pelvis that was too far above the skis.

Brilliant pickup Master.

I feel that I should be able to keep more control in the release, and keep the hips over the skis until tipping is established by exaggerating this movement.

This might enable me to use the force for good purposes and assist in staying forward to the fall line as advised by L.B.

Ian, I am hoping the locked feet will loosen up when the legs aren't dragged long by this old error.

Thanks again guys for the efforts to try to educate me. Everything that has been said is clearer now, although I couldn't comprehend the reality when I knew I wasn't pushing on those legs.

Harald, has this been an issue you've struck before? or is it just in my old stubborn head.

Who'd be a teacher!

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