Speed control on "pure" carving ?

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Postby tommy » Thu Mar 04, 2004 9:20 am

I played a bit further with the physics and mathematics of the "pure carved turn", and for those of you who are interested to see the various *theoretical* "terminal speeds" on differently pitched slopes, with different turn radi, I've put a graph on a (otherwise empty!) web-site at:


What the graph shows is the final theoretical velocity, generated by the accumulated force component in the direction of the ski, gained by executing a single "High-C" turn (180 degrees). The model used does not incorporate any resisting forces, e.g. friction or drag, nor does it include any possible accelerating forces, like those gained by "pumping" etc.

But still, it clearly demonstrates the importance of making short radius turns in order to control speed.

The slope pitch is in degrees, from 0 to 90, the turn radius in meters, and the velocity is in m/s. The radi axis starts a 5m, with 5m intervals.


PS: disclaimer: this post, including the graph, contains at least one erroneous "statement"... ;-)
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