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Gathering V, Kicking Horse

Postby -- SCSA » Wed Feb 04, 2004 4:24 pm

Hello all,

Next years Gathering will be held at Kicking Horse -- Most likely it'll be late February. When there's a date set, I'll post again.

I really encourage you all to go. The people that show up to the Gathering are really cool and I know in my case, I've made some allegedly lasting friendships -- odd as that may seem! :roll:

I'm tellin ya. The bigger the annual Gathering gets, the more clout we have. I know the National Brotherhood of skiers is the largest ski club. The thing is, they only have like 1200 members. The Gathering is already up to 35 members (that's how many showed up to Jackson Hole)! I think we should make the Gathering the largest ski club in the world! Think about all the possibilities of being part of the biggest ski club in the world:

1) You could meet chicks!
2) You could meet guys!
3) You could meet me!
4) You could meet new friends!
5) You could make new enemies!
6) Where we go, ski areas would throw heavy discounts at our feet; cheapo tickets, cheapo equipment, cheapo lodging, cheapo everyting! Big savings!

The Gathering is not website specific and you don't have to be a member of any website to go. Get this. I was the one who actually nominated Kicking Horse and I've been kicked off of epic for at least a year now! Screw you, AC! Hah ha hah. Down, but never out. :lol:

If you'd like to read more about this years Gathering, here's the link: ... 2;t=005532

So start telling everyone you know about next years Gathering and I'll see you there!


Other than that, there were a few who asked me about PMTS. Like always, misinformation is all I heard. Because the Gathering is just skiers -- not ski instructors -- I think that they would welcome a presentation by Harald. I know I think I've got a few convinced to take a PMTS camp.

Postby jclayton » Thu Feb 05, 2004 5:29 am

hi SCSA ,
I am starting to make plans for next year and the gathering sounds like fun . I'm a eurotrash skier so you'll have to fill me in on Kicking Horse .

By the way I'm curious as to why you were kicked out of Epic , I saw a post the other day saying you had gone over to the "dark side" .
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Postby dougw » Fri Feb 06, 2004 10:37 am

SCSA (Paul) so your heading north of the border next year. I will certainly make the drive to KH to do some turns with you.

Postby gravity » Sat Feb 07, 2004 11:25 am

jclayton wrote:I'm curious as to why you were kicked out of Epic.

I heard there were threats made to another board member. Regardless the circumstance, he's the only person to have been kicked off of Epic. Must have been sufficiently egregious to warrant such an action. On the other hand, whatever he did would have probably been mild on powdermag, TGR or any of the more juvenile frequented boards. Hmmmm.
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Postby -- SCSA » Sat Feb 07, 2004 6:29 pm

Hello all,

Hello gravity. Let's try not to repeat the arguments we once had. Or, let's just meet and slug it out somewhere! Hah ha hah.

Okay, gravity, put 'em up. SCSA, left jab....grins:

The facts are that I got kicked off of epic because I told AC to bleep itty bleep. I never threatened anyone, that's hogwash. Although sometimes I've got so mad at some of them I wanted to...wish them nothing but wedge turns! I basically snubbed my nose at all of AC's rules and I deserved what I got.

AC is a fellow entrepreneur and I wish him nothing but success. I always have, I always will. Him and I may not see to eye to eye, but that's cool. And, it's AC's business, he should run it the way he thinks best.

If I was to post there, some of the members would see to it that I got canned. Because, I truly do believe that most of what's being discussed there is simply, crapola. I think most there aren't qualified to teach and the ones that are, I think are way overrated. See what I mean? I wouldn't last a minute over there. But opinions are like you know what, everyone's got one! :wink:

So AC's inbox would start to fill up and he's a busy guy. I'm sure he has way better things to do than deal with whining, so the axe falls where it's the path of least resistance. See ya SCSA.

So I still have my opinions. Now that I've been skiing for 5 years, as much as I have, and studying the way I have, I kinda think some of them are qualified. On balance, retail ski instruction is a product that's setup for failure. They're are some good teachers, some great ones. But John Q. Skier will never find them, because they're booked years in advance. The largest percentage of skiers are left to take a lesson with someone whose really nothing more than a concierge, not a professional instructor.

But like gravity says, let's not go there. Focus on what's going on here and leave the rest alone. Folks, we're not going to change city hall.

Skiing has been great for me. It's given me joy I can't even express. The mountains, they're my home now. So my motivation is simply for others to experience what I have. Folks, I really do believe that HSS is the best product out there, hands down. Have I tried anything else? Nope. Would I ever? Nope. Why should I? I have more to do with PMTS! So that's why I do what I do. I'm only trying to spread the word, do what I can to help the cause.

Be cool, I'll check you all out later.

Postby Guest » Sun Feb 08, 2004 11:00 am

-- SCSA wrote:But like gravity says, let's not go there.

I never said that, SCSA. :?

Let's meet behind the gym after school. You're going to look funny when you're missing one of those giant teeth of yours. :P



Postby Guest » Tue Feb 24, 2004 12:57 pm

The epicski gathering is website specific. SCSA, you are not welcome from what I have heard from several other epicski folks. Let it go.

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