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Postby jbotti » Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:57 am

Max and I just came back from Montana where we both skied with and instructed my older brother on his skiing. He is an intermediate skier who has been working on developing PMTS movements for the past couple of seasons. Neither of us had seen him ski this season and he had made some solid progress with his tipping. But he was really struggling on one side way more than he should have been. He is skiing a 10 year old pair of Lange boots. We did the shell check and he had 1.5 CM behind the heel so the boot was not too large (which is what it seemed on snow). But on closer inspection the boot appears to be somewhere between a 100m to 102mm last. His foot is as thin or thinner than mine and I ski in a 94-95mm last boot. The boot is just way too wide for him and limits his ability to tip. He also has some more than modest alignment issues and it was fairly clear that he needs a properly designed and fitted footbed to fully support his foot and alignment. Now he made some modest progress in the 6 days he skied with us but he really is at a fairly big dead end until he gets new boots, a proper footbed and alignment work done. No amount of focus, effort and practice was going to produce the result in his feet and ankles that we were after and that he was a trying to produce.

I know its a broken record but all those new to PMTS attempting to do the movements without dialing in the set up with a trained PMTS alignment technician first are essentially limiting how fast and how far they can advance. Let's say that 15% of the population has perfect alignment (and that number is high) and the same 15% needs no additional support from a foot bed, when you combine the 2 (15%X15%) = a 2.25% probability of needing no additional work done with your set up (assuming that you have the right boots that fit you properly which is the case about 15% of the time (and I won't do the math to show what 15% of 2.25% is but its a very small number!).

There is a reason that every new camper gets their alignment done before or while at the camp and it's because they are wasting their money at the camp without a dialed in set up (and that's with the best PMTS coaches on the planet teaching them).

Yes I know its a hike. Yes I know there is expense involved. But if you are serious and truly want to change your skiing and truly advance with PMTS movements there really is no other way. Or you can take a shot that your are one those lucky ones in the 15% of 2.25%!
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