The superiority of PMTS

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The superiority of PMTS

Postby tarnaby » Sat Mar 19, 2016 12:08 pm

My wife has been on skiis less than 40 times in her entire life. She had never owned skiis and tried it a few times as a youngster during winter vacations and maybe a dozen times as an adult. While I'm no expert on PMTS, I've read all the books (including Harald's exercise book) and going up the chairlift I told her to try a few movements on the next trip down - essentially a phantom turn. Remember - this is not someone who spends time skiing. She tried it a few times at the top and then nailed it. She started linking them and used it all the way down. On her way down she passed an instuctor (this is a major American resort) who was making skidded pivoted turns. My wife's turns were so superior to that of the instructor it was shocking. That to me is PMTS - a few words on a chairlift producing an exponentially better result than a lifetime of lessons with a traditional ski school. Wow.
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