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Postby Roundturns » Thu Jan 07, 2016 6:35 pm

I will add this, when I was skiing out in Vail before Christmas , I went into Wildwoods to check my phone and get some water and it was late in the afternoon and there was a table of I think new instructors that we're taking an instructors course to prep for the season. Anyway, the discussion they were having focused on how the ski school needs to be able to enhance the "guests" experience while at Vail. They were talking about what accommodations the instructor needed to make to make when somebody enrolled in a lesson has to drop out for a while to get on a conference call!

Honest to God, that was something the instructor needed to be sensitive to and be sure the ski school student could be accommodated without a complete compromise to the other skiers in the lesson getting compromised.

Anyway, after hearing this I realized I had no idea what an instructor needs to be prepared to deal with and the objective of the lesson needs to be to be more about making the skier comfortable and accommodating their needs than maybe enhancing their ski skills. So, good luck in that group lesson environment experiencing a breakthrough moment it's more about nobody leaving the lesson PO'd and

The Ski SChhol at Vail probably thinks you are unlikely to come back and spend more money if you aren't accommodated even though the accommodation ends up compromising your learning experience.

Tough love apparently not very often practiced. In all fairness, I have never taken a lesson there, but listening to the discussion the group leader was having with the other instructors and what was being emphasized as priority in the lesson environment I was left with the impression that a lot of stuff gets in the way of the skier taking the lessonimproving their skiing.
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Re: Instructor, what to tell your client if they ask about P

Postby h.harb » Fri Jan 08, 2016 8:15 am

Having been a Director in the ski schools in Aspen and knowing what goes on at Vail, you are not really a ski instructor there, you are looked at like a servant. That's the kind of attitude those kind of people bring. You are expected to do everything requested and it often goes far outside the ski teaching circle. Like carrying skis to the car, picking up the kids etc. At Harb Ski Systems, sure we go out of our way to get our clients everything they need to become better skiers like, boots, canting, demo skis, heel lifts etc. but that is all part of making a better skier, by a professional, not a servant, or a tour guide.

I saw part of the video Peter Zotalis, Welch Village VP, put up on Facebook, he heavily criticized SKI Magazine, PSIA and Deer Valley for this weak, useless, piece of instruction. Peter and the people at Welch get the difference.
Every time someone tells me PSIA is using more and more of your "stuff". I get a big chuckle, they have no clue about what we teach in PMTS. Just because you can throw around a word or 2, doesn't mean you can teach PMTS.
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