The public is finding out! Locate a PMTS Posse.

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Re: The public is finding out! Locate a PMTS Posse.

Postby CO_Steve » Sat Feb 28, 2015 1:40 pm

h.harb wrote:Yesterday I skied in Sutton, Quebec, a small ski are 1.5 hours below Montreal. I have at least 5 people come up to me and ask if I was Harald Harb. They told me they followed my videos on You Tube and had my books. Amazing how far this is spreading.

Clearly the government needs to step in and impose "Slope Neutrality"

Who is Harald Harb?
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Re: The public is finding out! Locate a PMTS Posse.

Postby Icanski » Thu Apr 09, 2015 2:59 pm

There is a small but growing posse around the Toronto area. Several of my students have been making the trek down to Colorado, and it is slowly spreading as I get more students here. Perhaps we'll have to have a ski day where we all get together for some fun next season.
The word is getting out there. Many people find me from the website and come after reading the books, or DVDs to see if they're "on the right track". It's been a pleasure working with them and they are spreading the word to other people, some of whom come for a lesson as well.
I'm hoping to head down for a refresher next season and bring that back to the posse here.
PMTS works, end of discussion.

We do need to find a PMTS boot fitter up here. I have discussed it with various shops here, but they aren't interested, are comfortable with the status quo.(first I have to explain PMTS to them. There is usually a nodding of the head with a polite "oh, really....hmmm....never heard of it." Then I mention alignment (which they assure me they do already) and that there's a course on it (more polite nods) and then it ends. I've mentioned that it would be a unique offering and they would get students coming who need alignment...but they feel they are already doing it, so why bother. Part of it is that so many people don't know there is another way out there. That something else exists or is available. So it is something we need to go outside the box with.
I think getting a profile done in a magazine might help. But again, the industry doesn't seem to know much about it. Does HEAD headquarters have any idea how big a following they have in pmts skiers? (they should be giving you all the skis you want Harald, hell, they should buy you another Porsche, but a "HEAD" edition. ;-) )

Once you go PMTS, you never go back. (Unless your ski school makes you.)
Well, we are building a posse here in Eastern Canada, slowly but surely.
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Re: The public is finding out! Locate a PMTS Posse.

Postby reprint » Sun Nov 01, 2015 9:52 am

As the season is looming ahead I wanted to revive the topic re finding fellow PMTS'ers in the area.

I am in Toronto and was looking for PMTS instructor or like-minded PMTS aware skiers to ski together this winter.
I am definitely not the one to teach (have only been lucky to attended one Green/Blue camp so far) but rather to learn and share the experience.
My usual ski areas are Blue Mountains and Moonstone.
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Re: The public is finding out! Locate a PMTS Posse.

Postby Ihamilton » Sun Nov 01, 2015 8:07 pm

I'm getting the itch to get back on the snow. I arrived today in my winter home in Squamish BC after driving through two snowstorms in the mountains east of Vancouver. WB is getting snow and making snow so I should be out soon.
I hadn't been reading the forum since last winter and didn't notice this topic until today.
Last year was my sixth year straight attending pmts camps at ABasin. Also last February I attended the intensive bump camp at ABasin. When I got back from ABasin last March I skied a day with two former students on the Balckcomb glacier which is all bumps. I would not describe myself as a model pmts bump skier but I was a lot better at the bumps that day than before the bump camp. At the end of the day the 3 of us rode back in the peak to peak gondola which takes about 15 minutes. One of my friends said "so Diana, Harald are never coming back?" I said never. Harald and Diana had come up the previous two seasons and the classes were full before the two could get in. They two of them were lamenting their situation for most of the ride. Almost without thinking I blurted out that I knew a lot of Harald's elite coaches and maybe they could find a free week and come up. At the end of the ride the 3 of us agreed to meet the next day to ski bumps. The next day when we met there was 12 skiers there. They said "we heard your going to organize a pmts camp with Harald's elite coaches and we want in." Wow! A rumour that there was going to be a camp sparked that reaction. There won't be such a camp, I shouldn't have blurted that out but the reaction shows the interest in pmts camps.
A few weeks later I was skiing in Big White with 8 or 10 others, some of whom I knew. We were skiing groomers where I'm a lot more comfortable in demonstrating pmts technique. One skier said you follow Harald HARB don't you. I told them I did and I was a pmts practitioner. They wanted me to teach them right there.
I was skiing with my wife one day in Blackcomb and we talked about what she could do to improve her short turns. Janice has been to several camps at ABasin. I skied down ahead to watch her ski down and I tucked behind a SLOW fence where a ski instructor had huddled with her class. I waived at Janice and the instructor saw me and looked up. She said to her class,"look at this lady!" She said to Janice "beautiful turns" and told her class to "ski like that" as if they or she could do it simply by watching.
Those incidents all happened within a few weeks. Every skier wants to ski like a pmts practitioner but not all skiers want to become true practitioners. Some just want a tip, no practice on the green slopes, no video, no reading the forum, no slant board practice etc. The good news is that there are lots of true practitioners who are happy to have developing practitioners come along. I love to go to ABasin in November and ski with the Summit county posse. They are great skiers with excellent teaching skills and I can learn a lot just being there. There are others like me who come early, watch camps, ski with each other, take a camp and get the season started right. I was late last spring registering to get in a camp and was too late for the fall camps but got into February bump camp. So I may not see you guys this fall, but a prolonged cold snap and a big storm and maybe the pull of pmts will get the better of me and I'll spend a week in Summit county.
We have a pmts posse in WB. Some are imstructors, some have been to camps in Colorado and WB and some have only the books and videos. We meet mid morning and ski all day. I usually practice the first couple of hours and then free ski with the rest. Free skiing for me means practicing every turn with a purpose, just not stopping as much. Anyone coming here who wants to join us should get in touch, we be glad to have you.
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Re: The public is finding out! Locate a PMTS Posse.

Postby skijim13 » Mon Nov 02, 2015 8:52 am

My wife Lorie and I are going to BC in Febuary would love to meet up with you group and ski some runs, we live in the northeast and have been to camps at A Basin.

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Re: The public is finding out! Locate a PMTS Posse.

Postby Ihamilton » Mon Nov 02, 2015 8:07 pm

Jim, just send me a message and hopefully we can get some runs in. Irwin
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